Firdous Jamal's Son Just Responded To His Father's Controversial Comments About Mahira Khan

By Iman Zia | 29 Jul, 2019

Veteran Firdous Jamal has received national backlash for his comments around Mahira Khan where he labeled her as a “mediocre model” and said she should now play motherly roles on-screen. After significant outrage, son Hamza Firdous took to Twitter to respond to what he felt was unwarranted hate against his father.


Firdous Jamal stirred controversy after making ageist remarks against Mahira Khan on Faisal Qureshi’s morning show.


After a wave of celebrities firmly stood in support for the actress, Firdous Jamal’s son responded to the controversial comments made.

Hamza Firdous defended his father and said there was no “personal grudge” behind his comments against Mahira Khan; “#FirdousJamal has given 45 years of sweat and blood to this industry. And that too without social media and only pure hard work…This person doesn’t need to hold grudges!”


Hamza went on to say that his father’s comments were not misogynistic in any way, given that he had also praised actresses Sania Saeed, Saba Qamar and Mehwish Hayat in the same interview.


Hamza also clearly stated he had “different opinions” from his father and pleaded that any difference of opinion should not equate to “personal grudges.”


Hamza closed his thoughts by expressing his respect for Mahira Khan and supported her upcoming film ‘Superstar.’


What are your thoughts on Hamza’s statements?


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