This New Film Trailer Shows Urwa, Bilal And Gohar Like You've NEVER Seen Them Before

By Iman Zia | 23 Oct, 2017

Recent Lollywood films have unfortunately been nothing more than ‘leave-your-brain-at-home.’ However, ‘Rangreza’ might just be a glorious anomaly. The trailer for ‘Rangreza’ just released, and it has proven itself as far, far greater than a mindless love story. Starring Urwa Farhan, Bilal Ashraf, and Gohar Rasheed, the teaser for the musical romance gives us a sturdy love story with depth and showcases all three in impressive roles.


‘Rangreza’ depicts Bilal as the city rockstar

Source: Vision Art Films


And Urwa as the dreamy small-town girl struggling to make it big in the music industry

Source: Vision Art Films


Gohar is one to look out for in this film – his character is by far the most impressive as he plays the psychotic and frivolous man with an abusive nature

Source: Vision Art Films


Gohar is never one to shy away from villainous roles, and unfailingly pushes his boundaries – so kudos to him!

Source: Vision Art Films


The film is very Bollywood-esque, but in all the right ways – with color, song, dance and a whimsical romance

Source: Vision Art Films


There lies a darker undertone that will showcase crisp acting from all three leads

Source: Vision Art Films


The official trailer for ‘Rangreza’ gives us a delightful palette of Urwa, Bilal and Gohar molding themselves into tremendous characters in what serves to be so much more than a musical romance. We hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Watch the trailer for ‘Rangreza’ now


What are your thoughts on the trailer?

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