14 Amazing Festivals You HAVE TO Attend In Pakistan, Instead Of Tomorrowland

By Haadia Paracha | 29 Oct, 2016

These festivals in Pakistan are the best

Whether it’s culture that tickles your fancy or music gets the blood rushing in your veins, the richness of literature that interests you the most or you’re absolutely smitten by natural beauty; Pakistan has it all.  When planning trips abroad, we often  look at all the activities the sights have to offer but little do we know that there’s a lot to do right at home.

Here is a list of all the festivals held in all parts of Pakistan you should check off your list before heading over to Tomorrowland, The Burning Man or Tomatina with your friends or significant others or both:


Chilimjusht festival, Kalaash


One of the most sough after festivals in Pakistan,  Chilimjusht is also called the spring festival held at Kalaash, Chitral.


Mela Chiragan, Lahore


Urs at holy shrines are a soulful experience we should all indulge in at least once in a lifetime.


Polo festival, Shandur


Labelled as the highest polo ground in the world in terms of altitude, this festival is a matrimony between gruesome sport and beautiful landscapes.

Cholistan Jeep Rally


Not for the faint-hearted, the rally takes place in the scorching Cholistan desert and guarantees an adrenaline rush that could last you for months.

Silk Route festival, Northern Areas

silk route

Cultural pilgrimage at its finest; dance, food and festivities in this festival book you an enthralling experience. A definite family excursion just waiting to be had.


Summer festival, Swat


Held in Kalam and in Mahu Dand every year, one of the few festivals in Pakistan for adventure sports enthusiasts.


Ministry of Sound


Raves that are the livelihood of the underground psychedelic scene in Pakistan, MOS musical adventures are not for those with curfew issues. While there aren’t many music festivals in Pakistan, Diplo performing in the capital city might just be a much welcome development.


Music Mela, Islamabad

music mela

A recent musical endeavor for the capital city, Music Mela invites international acts, local rock-stars and cultural gems all to the forefront.


Mystic Music Sufi Festival


A project of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, this is the only spiritual alleviation you need.


Lahore Music Meet


Another Pakistani music festival that is fairly new to the party but quite promising if the past two years have set any precedent.


Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad – Quetta – Faisalabad Literature Festivals

lit festivalllllll

The 21st century and they still haven’t made a perfume out of the smell of a freshly bought paperback?

This festival is for those who truly understood this prior statement.


60 Second International Film Festival

60 sec ff

The only festival in Pakistan for film goers with a small concentration span. Multi-genre films from all over the world that aim to woo you in 60 seconds or less.


International Folk Puppet Festival


Another project of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, this one has been around for years reviving the art and craft of puppetry.


Karachi – Lahore Eat Festival

karachi eat

Be it regular melas in and around villages or Eids, food is an integral part of festivals in Pakistan. For the unapologetic foodies, this is the perfect gastronomic destination.


How many of these festivals in Pakistan have you checked off your list already?

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