Feroze Khan Celebrated His Grand Mehndi Last Night And We Finally Saw His Beautiful Wife

By Iman Zia | 27 Mar, 2018

Feroze Khan’s mehndi took place last night, and boy oh boy was it A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Almost everyone from Lollywood town was present to celebrate the actor’s special evening, from Fawad Khan to Humayun Saeed and Urwa Hocane. Honestly, it looked freaking fantastic, and best of all? We got to finally see his beautiful bride, Syeda Aliza Fatima Raza!

So without further to do, here are all the delicious deets from Feroze’s grand, grand mehndi!

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Let’s begin with the breathtaking dhulan, who we’ve been DYING to see!

Warning – this little exchange between the two newlyweds might cause you to faint from an overdose of feels…

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They really make such a lovely jodi!

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Bless them!

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Feroze’s entrance was very zesty, and his beaming smile made it all the more heartfelt

#FerozeKhan's entrance! #mehndi #Mirhadi #Nishsays

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…Followed by the dhulan’s entrance

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It was a star-studded affair, with the dashing Fawad Khan present to give a little lovin to the newlyweds


Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed were also present

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Designer HSY too!

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As was Meera jee (who brought her own spirited personality with her by the by)


Pakistani model Nadia Hussain took a selfie with the lovely couple too

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Now onto the dhula’s sisters, Humaima and Dua who both dazzled in striking lehengas by designer Nomi Ansari

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Humaima’s stunned with her on point makeup and up-do


And being the loving sisters-in-law as they welcomed Aliza into their family!

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The sisters exuded a plethora of their best dance moves too!




And honestly, this was just the beginning! The rest of the dances were nothing short of a) darn impressive and b) pretty spectacular, with everyone participating from the dapper Humayun Saeed…

…Can someone cast Humaima and Humayun in a drama/film already? Like seriously!


To Adnan Siddiqui joining in with Humaima…

…And bringing Feroze onto the dancefloor too!


Actress Sonya Hussyn also sizzled with a dance number


Followed by everyone including the dhula and dhulan lighting up the dancefloor surrounded by their famalam!


It legit looked like a night to REMEMBER!


Also, we honestly wish we were invited too #FOMO


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