Oh Dear, Feroze Khan Just Compared Himself To Leonardo DiCaprio?

By Iman Zia | 23 Dec, 2018

Feroze Khan isn’t afraid to be brutally honest and is confident in exuding his outspoken demeanor. The 28-year-old has often tweeted about how he finds award shows to be very crude in nature; in particular, after the Hum Style Awards made fun of his wife on stage – something he understandably did not tolerate.


Feroze warned further award shows that he would “boycott that particular platform right there.”


In an interview with publication ‘Dawn Images,’ Feroze opened up about how awards don’t matter to him.

The actor was asked about how, according to social media, his dramas have exceeded ratings (in reference to his current drama ‘Romeo Weds Heer’) and said that these numbers are all that matter to him. His dramas have undeniably been garnering audiences, even ‘Khaani’ was lauded particularly for is stellar performance as an antagonist seeking redemption.


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He did admit that he would love to win awards for his roles, however, he insisted that it’s the love of his fans and the ratings that keep him satisfied.

Feroze emphasized how much he loves acting, and that he’s “lucky that [he’s] appreciated for the work that [he does.” He mentioned how he has a good repertoire with ‘7th Sky Entertainment,’ having done three consecutive projects with them already – and now working on a fourth production.

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Feroze then gave another reason for not caring for awards – he mentioned how Leonardo Dicaprio “waited for years until he won an award…so I don’t really value any awards…

Wait – hold up – did Feroze really just compare himself to Leonardo DiCaprio? He said how Leonardo never won an award until ‘The Revenant,’ despite being such a venerated actor and also having a huge following,

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So he threw shade at particular actors who kept winning the same awards each year, and asked: “where’s the credibility in that?”

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What do you guys think about his statements? Did he compare himself to Leo or am I being crazy?


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