13 Things Every Feminist Has Heard From Ignorant Pakistani Men

By Alia Eva | 3 Nov, 2016

As a feminist, I can guarantee you’ve heard at least one of these things and wanted to hit the ignorant wretch with a brick. There are a lot of misconceptions today about feminism, most of them perpetuated by chauvinists who for no real reason can’t stand women trying to fight for their political, social, economic and personal rights


1. ‘So you must hate men.’

3,477,829,638 men in the world and I had to run into you…

Source: memegenerator.net


2. ‘Not all men are awful.’ 

No, defintely not. It’s not ALL men, it’s enough men.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

3. ‘I’m not a feminist but I think men and women should be equal.’ 

No more of this please! GOOGLE IT.

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4. ‘Feminists only fight for white collared jobs while letting men suffer in blue collared jobs.’

Dude, seriously?

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5. ‘There’s sexism against men too.’

Meninists like you are the reason we need feminism!!!

Source: @femfreq Via: Twitter


6. ‘I bet you never shave.’ 

Because for some reason my hair removal schedule coordinates with what you think..?

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7. ‘I don’t believe in feminism because men shouldn’t be treated like shit.’ 

Bolna kia chah rahay ho bhai?

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8. ‘Oh you want feminism but you also want me to open the door for you??’

Chivalry and chauvinism are two different things man.

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9. ‘You guys don’t know how to take a joke.’

Haan sahi hai, main Jennifer Lopez hoon aur aap ke jokes funny. Feel validated yet????


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10. ‘Calm down with your feminist rants.’


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11. ‘Sexism doesn’t exist anymore; there’s no such thing as male privilege.’

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12. ‘I’m not actually a sexist!’ *right after saying something sexist*

How is saying something sexist not perpetuating sexism? Bro, you so deep in misogyny and you don’t even know it.

Source: Tumblr


13. ‘Oh wow, you don’t look like a feminist.’

Oh no! Did I forget to grow my horns???

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Oh boy…


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