13 Pakistani Female Instagram Stars You Definitely Should Be Following RIGHT NOW

By Sarah Babar | 26 Aug, 2017

It’s true what they say, Pakistani women are some of the most talented, in the world, and we have proof! They are making a name for themselves in their respective careers, and they’re proving to the rest of the world that Pakistani women are no less than any others. Whether it is fashion, music, designing, art and any and every other field, these women are being complete badasses and are well on their way to ruling the world.

Here are some of these Instagram stars who need to be on your follow list, like yesterday:


1. Eman Suleman

I also hunt and sometimes cook. #fashion #editorials

A post shared by Eman (@eman_suleman) on

Eman has this sensual, rustic vibe about her. All it takes is one look at her, and you’re immediately drawn in. While she’s been a top model, she’s also been very active in terms of social work. She’s currently getting people to sign a petition to protect stray dogs from brutal treatment.


2. Rehmat Ajmal

How gold are you? #RehmatAjmal

A post shared by Rehmat Ajmal (@rehmatajmal) on

The fighter, Rehmat, is unapologetically beautiful. She’s made bold choices in her career and they’ve always worked out for her. She’s been slaying in modeling campaigns, in the past year, and we hope she never stops.


3. Mahenur Haider

? @SairaShakira #AboutTonight ? #SairaShakira #MahenurHaider

A post shared by Mah E Nur Haider Khan (@mahenurhaider) on

Actor, model, and adorable human being: Mahenur Haider has slowly risen to the top of the game. With two feature films coming sooner than we know, and Mahenur’s face on every main brand’s hoardings, she’s not a face you can miss.


4. Zara Peerzada

Zara is the queen of edge. She’s been able to pull off each look with such fierceness that one wonders whether she’ll end up taking every modeling campaign from others. Whether it is a pretty lawn campaign or that super crazy Guddu Shani shoot, Zara can do it all.


5. Naimal Khawar

A post shared by Naimal Khawar (@naimalkhawarr) on

Naimal is an artist, who is no less of a masterpiece herself (sorry but so pretty!). Her work is not only amazing, it also represents this dark element that we all struggle so hard to keep hidden – Naimal, on the other hand, is unabashed about it.


6. Hira Attique

Hira is the co-owner of the Her and Hem: a fashion and lifestyle blog. And she’s also extremely, extremely beautiful in absolutely she puts on. She’s becoming a bigger fashion and style icon by the day.


7. Alyzeh Gabol

Shine bright ✨ #Alyzehgabol x @bablooworld ?

A post shared by Alyzehgabol (@alyzehgabol) on

There is barely anyone who doesn’t recognise Alyzeh’s beautiful face. She’s been the face for multiple brands and clothing lines, and people can’t seem to get enough of her. And we don’t think she’s going to be dethroned, any time soon.


8. Sanya Shahzad

Happy place ? ?= Levis #sanyasr

A post shared by Sanya SR (@sanya_sr) on

You haven’t heard anything if you haven’t heard Saniya sing. Her voice will pierce through your soul, but also leave you quite happy.


9. Saheefa Jabbar Khattak


A post shared by Saheefa Jabbar Khattak (@saheefajabbarkhattak) on

Saheefa is just badass. She’s one of the edgiest models in the industry. After chopping off her locks, she’s been standing up to those who mock her (God knows for what reason, though), she doesn’t back down from standing up for what she believes in, and why should she? Saheefa is a role model for every girl out there. She’s the voice that tells you that you don’t have to back down if someone is pushing you, you need to stand up stronger than ever,


10. Maria Unera Khan

i can be a girly girl too, you know. ? #nativerock #mariaunera #islamabad #lahore #karachi #music #eid2017

A post shared by Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi (@mariaunera) on

Maria is unapologetic, adorable, and insanely talented. She’s shot through fame and it’s little wonder that people are going absolutely crazy for her.


11. Zoha Zuberi

Dreams. @perniyalwaseem #Blackandwhite #Photoshoot #Photooftheday #Islamabad #Pakistan

A post shared by Zoha Zuberi (@zuberizoha) on

An artist, a singer, and a traveler. Her edgy sense of fashion will literally make you stalk her to the end of her Instagram history.


12. Sophiya Khan

Acceptance ??

A post shared by Sophiya Salim Khan (@keepingupwithkhan) on

You must have seen Sophiya on Snapchat where she takes you around London. Her edgy style, and out of the box fashion statement is what sets her apart from all those around her.


13. Mariam Khan


A post shared by Mariam Khan (@mariam.khann) on

This is one doctor you wouldn’t mind visiting again and again. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s going to make a damn fine doctor.

Who are your favorite Instagrammers?

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