Here's Why Female Friendships Are Important In A World That's Extremely Competitive

By Sajeer Shaikh | 16 Apr, 2017

Women are constantly pitted against each other. Through constant comparisons, ‘who wore it better’ outfit battles or the whole concept of ‘I’m not like other girls,’ we let women think that other women are to be perceived as foes instead of allies. The focus is deviated from the fact that female friendships are essential to women.

Here’s why it’s important for women to befriend other women:

Women can understand where other women are coming from

It’s a lot easier for a woman to understand another woman’s perspective. There are many things that are common to women. Understanding things like the way we react to situations or the circumstances that we’ve all faced at some point or another goes a long way when forming any sort of bond.

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Female friendships are empowering

There are numerous women fighting for empowerment. A part of this entails empowering women around you. It could start small, where women help each other out in terms of body image. Or, it could be something as major as being another woman’s pillar of strength in trying times.

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Male validation kya cheez hoti hai?

The idea that women need men to validate them is one that has been passed down by the patriarchy through the ages. We allow women to believe that their self worth is tied with how a man perceives them to be. Female friendships help combat this ridiculous concept. Being associated with strong, level headed women is a great way to see how your self worth is solely in your hands.

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It’s a great way to learn how not to be dependent on men

Female friendships also help you see that you don’t really need a man for simple tasks, such as going out or treating yourself. You feel empowered traveling with your posse, but also start finding the confidence to handle all of this yourself.

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Female friendships are great for self confidence

Honestly, no one can make you feel better about yourself better than another woman. They will build you up to a point where you start thinking you’re some sort of queen (which you probably are.) Women are the best at boosting self confidence.

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You get more than a friend out of it – you get a sister

If there’s one thing that’s true about genuine female friendships, it’s the fact that you will always find a sister in your friend. The love you feel for your female friends and the love they feel for you is immense. They’re family you choose.

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You have a lot more in common

Because gender stereotypes are still a thing and we have a long way to go before they’re abolished, women do have a lot more in common with each other than they do with men. That means you have a lot more to talk about as well. Moreover, you have someone to understand your perspective.

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There is a greater level of comfort

You can basically talk to them about every topic under the sun, even if you don’t feel comfortable doing so with your male friends. You can be your unfiltered self.

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Is there even a greater support system for when you’re on your period?

They get PMS. They’ve probably got a stock of back up tampons, in case you run out. They’ll watch your ass (literally) when you’re afraid that your pants look like a murder scene. And they’ll always have that extra Panadol you need.

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They will walk you through every heartbreak 

When a guy breaks your heart or if you’re going through a rough patch in general, they will have your back. They will mom you into feeling better. You’ll get a ton of unconditional support and love, but also a reality check when you need it.

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There’s no harm in forming female friendships

For years, we’ve grown up believing that female friendships cause a lot of drama and they take a toll on one’s sanity. Tbh, if you have shitty, toxic friends – male of female – drama toh hoga hee. You don’t need to stay away from women. You need to stay away from people who are bad for you. Their sex has nothing to do with that.

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There is a dire need to get over the idea of some women being better than others

When we say that we are not like other women, we imply that we are somehow superior to the women we are being compared with. The right answer to this is to always question why you’re being pitted against other women in the first place. Everyone is different and everyone has their own story. Truly, who are we to place ourselves on any form of higher ground, just to maintain some kind of pointless facade in front of others?

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It is too easy to vilify a group of women and have their own sex turn against them. Forming female friendships enables us to look past this. It’s high time we accepted that women are stronger when they are together, and must work to empower each other instead of trying to break each other down.


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