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21 Things Every Female Engineering Student Can Painfully Relate To

21 Things Every Female Engineering Student Can Painfully Relate To

Are you into the profession that is forbidden for women? A degree that is so rare for the XX kind that even Socrates once said “Women in Engineering and headphone jack in iPhone 7 have one thing in common – They don’t exist”

Here are the constant struggles that we face every day of our lives:


1. You’re pretty well versed in the conversation you’re going to have with every single auntie you meet

Auntie: “Beta, what are you doing these days?”

You: “Engineering”

Auntie: *looks at you like you just came back from a visit to Mars*



2. You have been told countless times “Engineering mein larkiyo ka scope nahi” (Women have low chance of being employed in engineering related fields)

Give me one valid reason why!?

Source: Deenga


3. You have been stereotyped as an ugly woman who can’t find dates just because you study engineering.

The popular media assumes that you have two of your teeth out, a mole on your cheek, and oily braided hair and absolutely no sense of fashion.

Source: Deenga

I can be smart and pretty at the same time.


4. You’re probably the only girl in your class which means that every other boy wants to have his chance with you.

Source: Deenga

Okay, maybe into that one cute decent guy *blushes*


5. But, this also means low competition AND you’re in demand

Source: Deenga

6. You feel like a queen because you get all your male class fellows to do things for you

“Fahad zara canteen se le kuch le tou aana”

7. But you can’t really have “fun” with your boys because of how conservative universities are

Government universities and romantic times? HA HA



8. Being around with so many guys means that you’re always subjected to judgment

“Maham ko dekho jeans shirt pehenti hai larko ke saath ghoomti hai, bohot cheap hai”

Source: Deenga


9. Group projects can sometimes be a problem because your parents aren’t comfortable you staying out late with all boys.

How do you ask your mom to stay at Salman’s house for the night with 4 other guys?

Source: Deenga


10. Everyone just assumes you’re not going to work after your degree

Bhai, itna dimagh meine rotiyan bananey ke liye nahi khapaya!

Source: Deenga


11. Buying electrical components for your projects will get you weird stares

Why are all these people staring me? What have I done? I am just here to buy some resistors.

Source: Deenga


 12. The guys wouldn’t stop mansplaining things to you.

Source: Deenga


13. It’s irritating when every random person tries offering you help when you don’t need it.

Source: Broadway Video / Little Stranger, Inc.


14. Any article that talks about struggles that engineers face are ALWAYS written from a man’s perspective.

Dude, I am as much of an engineer as you are. Mera bhi utna hi haq hai!

Via: Tumblr


15. No one expects you to know anything about fashion because you would be into “boy things” now

Source: Deenga

16. They always assume that you didn’t get into a med school so that’s why you’re studying Engineering

Oh auntie please! Engineering was my first choice and not my only option.


Not every girl wants to become a doctor or a fashion designer!

Aunty: “Beta why didn’t you do medical?”

Me: “Auntie kafi ache kapre silwaye the is saal, don’t want to wear lab coats everywhere from malls to movies”


17. It’s always assumed you’re trying too hard to not be like “other women”

When will they understand that I cannot do it because “I” suck at it? Not because ALL women suck at it!

I don’t speak for all women. If I cannot do mental math quickly, that doesn’t mean that WOMEN are bad at math. I just happen to be a woman who is not good at mental math!

But… It’s not all bad.


18. You love the shocking look on some people’s faces when you tell them you’re an engineering student.

Source: Deenga


19. It’s cute when a guy tries to “help you” with technical stuff assuming you’ve no idea about it and turns out, you are actually better at it.

Source: ARY Films


20. You can proudly say you’re a woman in STEM and that gives you an edge

Source: Deenga


21. You may sometimes question your choice but at the end of the day, you know you’re a rare kind and that makes you so proud of yourself

Source: Deenga


You do you, ladies.

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