11 Annoying AF Things I Was Sick Of Hearing As A Female Engineering Student

By Aam Nawab | 7 Jul, 2018

Being a female engineer is NOT easy in Pakistan. Choosing engineering as a career choice was also very difficult at my time. This decision was made more difficult by the people around me. We all live in a country where a majority of the engineering universities are male-dominated and engineering is assumed to be a ‘no-go area’ for women or is often associated as a field which has everything to do with men.

Thus, a long time ago when I started to pursue engineering as a career there were many things said/asked by people. Here’s a list of them:

1. ‘Larkiyian tau nahi engineer banti!’

Whenever I told someone that I have gotten into a good university and I am soon going to become an engineer, their instantaneous response was to tell me that girls are not ‘supposed’ to become engineers.

Really people?

Source: shughal.com

2. Larkon walay heavy tasks kar kay tum toh adha larka he ban jaoge, haina?

After saying this, they literally looked at me for approval. Seriously man? Kya baat hai apki soch ki.

Source: Bhansali Productions

 3. ‘Tum na doctor ban jao, best ho jaye ga’

People literally gave me ‘this’ advice assuming that becoming a doctor is the safest career choice for girls.

Source: buzzfeed.com

4. ‘Rishta nahe milay ga, larkon ko aisi larkiyian nahe pasand’

Yes, guys. People also told me that I won’t get a ‘good’ rishta because engineer girls are too manly.

Source: MD films

5. ‘Male-dominated university main larkiyon ka kya kaam?’

Okay, so I was also told that there’s no point in getting into a university full of boys and instead, I should go for something else.

Via: Tumblr

6. ‘Khud he aik saal main wapis ajaye ge’

There were many predictions about me and the very famous one was that I will soon return without a degree.

Source: Eros International

7. Manage nahi hoga sab tum say

I really wanted to ask the ones who told me this kay kya manage nahe hoga but I just stayed silent. Now I would really want to tell them kay manage ho gaya tha.

Source: Big Synergy

8. Engineering kay baad engineer wali job karo ge?

Nahi, Engineering kay baad job doctor wali karun ge.

Source: SLB Films

9. ‘Larkon say dosti karo ge?’

Yes, I was also asked this. Getting into a university and particularly a male-dominated university is NOT ALL about being friends with ‘boys’ so, please!

Source: Dharma Productions

10. ‘Itnay saaray larkay hon gay wahan, parh lo ge?’

I wasn’t even able to find the correlation between these two things. How would an increased number of boys at university affect my studies?

Source: Ajay Devgn Films, Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision

11. ‘Shaadi kar do iss larki ki’

The ultimate Pakistani solution to literally everything is shaadi kar do iss ki. Many people gave this solution to my parents but luckily I became an Engineer.

Via: Tumblr

So all the female engineers and the engineers to be – we really understand the struggle you have been through. Congratulations to you all that despite all the difficulties you pursued your dream career choice. Legends, all of you.


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