These Brave Female Bikers Traveling Across Pakistan Are The Kind Of Badass You Wish You Were

By Sajeer Shaikh | 5 Aug, 2017

Recently, a Facebook page shared a post about these Pakistani female bikers who are journeying across Pakistan, from Karachi to Kashmir. 

Donning vibrant pink shirts and riding pink bikes, the ladies posed with pride for pictures when they reached Faisalabad.

Journey of 5 biker ladies continue (Karachi to Kashmir). They've reached Faisalabad.1st time on sports bike to develop positive image of country.#ShareCars' Enthusiasts-Pakistan

Posted by Cars' Enthusiasts-Pakistan on Donnerstag, 3. August 2017


To say that the ladies are absolutely badass would be an understatement. Have a closer look for yourself:

Source: @CarsEnthusiastsPK / Facebook

To undertake the task of traveling across Pakistan as a female group – that too on bikes – is not easy.

However, these female bikers have no time to care about societal norms. They’re out there, doing what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is definitely portraying Pakistan in a positive light. After all, in a country that is unfortunately known to be rather unkind towards its women, these ladies are helping show a positive side of Pakistan. And they seem to be having a pretty great time while doing so, too.

Source: @CarsEnthusiastsPK / Facebook

As always, our quam was ever-present to comment on what the ladies were up to.

Via Facebook

While some welcomed the ladies to their place of residence…

Via Facebook

…others prayed for their safety

Via Facebook

However, some thought it was absolutely necessary for these women to be accompanied by men

Via Facebook

Some believed that the women had nothing to do with Pakistan’s image

Via Facebook

However, some people observed the pictures a bit too closely and pointed out their findings

Via Facebook

And others followed up with the keen observer

Via Facebook

Regardless, it cannot be denied that these women are all our badassery goals in one place. 

Source: @CarsEnthusiastsPK / Facebook

What do you think about these ladies hitting the road? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via @CarsEnthusiastsPK / Facebook

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