Fawad Khan Just Ate Ahmed Ali Butt As A Birthday Wish

By Arslan Athar | 22 Oct, 2018

Funnyman Ahmed Ali Butt recently celebrated his birthday.

While he celebrated with family, he also a party with all his closest friends 

And OH MY DAYS, Fawad Khan was there

Just look at all the fraandship feels in this photo. Ugh, too cute

The cake to match such an epic celebration had to be epic itself. 

That’s such a cute little fondant (I’m assuming) version of Ahmed Ali Butt 

Now, usually, such decorations go to waste, but what do we have here? 

Why is Ahmed Ali Butt handing himself over to Fawad?

Well, apparently to eat it! 

Yup, Fawad took a good old bite right out of fondant Ahmed Ali Butt’s head

(If you listen closely, there are some naughty comments being passed at the end)

#FriendshipGoals, I guess

Source: Tribune

No, but really, Ahmed Ali Butt and Fawad Khan have been friends for quite a while and there are out to support each other.

Source: LUX

May it be by having cameo roles in movies, or by celebrating each other’s successes.

For example Fawad’s recent cameo in JPNA 2 (which was later removed)

Source: bolojawan.com

As you can see, this friendship is pretty precious

*Sadkay Jao*

Source: Meem Noon Photographers

So who’s the Ahmed Ali Butt or Fawad Khan in your life? 

Let us (and them) know in the comments 🙂

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