Can We Guess Your True Favorite Color Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

By Biya Haq | 9 Apr, 2021

Whether or not you believe in Astrology and Zodiac signs and ‘energies,’ there is no shame in admitting that it is fun to look at and read about.

Each zodiac comes with its own set of special characteristics and qualities. Everything from lucky numbers, elements and planets. SO, in the spirit of knowing what belongs to you.


We put together a list of what your favorite color should be, based on your zodiac sign.

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Now, bear in mind, these colors definitely do not need to be your favorite. In fact, they may even be the opposite! But have no fear, the colors that match with your sign are said to bring out energy out of you. So the more of the color you wear, the more likely you are to be at one with your own zodiac sign. It’s pretty exciting. So, without further ado:


Here are the colors that go with you, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries – Red

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The color red initiates passion, energy and initiative. These are the colors that support Aries, nature and eagerness within those that carry the Aries traits.


2. Taurus – Green

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Green represents growth. It is the color and energy that supports and enhances the powers and emotions of a Taurus. Come springtime, Taurus blooms just as the greenery around them.


3. Gemini – Yellow

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Yellow ignites curiosity and brilliance in the eyes and hearts of Geminis. As it is also the color of the mind and intellect, Gemini’s are at the height of their potential when clad in the warm color.


4. Cancer – Silver & White

Source: VEVO

Cancer, the intuitive sign, shines brightest when it is around the colors silver and white. They both enhance the signs sensitivity and understanding, allowing them to access the deeper levels of themselves.


5. Leo – Gold

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The glistening color of gold empowers and motivates the Leo sign. It is also the color of power and prestige, two very important things to the Leo lion. It also enhances the emotions of positivity the Leo carries so strongly.


6. Virgo – Green & Brown


The classic and strong colors of green and brown keep the Virgo grounded, strong and focused on growth. Both colors, especially green motivate the Virgo on the road to growth and greatness.


7. Libra – Pink & Blue

Source: @thesarahshow

Pink and blue aid in opening the hearts of the Libra. The two cool, subtle and light breezy colorrs increase clarity and balance and open up the loving personality of the sign.


8. Scorpio – Black

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The color black, fitting for the mysterious Scorpio sign, enhances the intensity and inquisitiveness of the sign. The darkness allows and encourages the sign to always look deeper through the surface of what others see.


9. Sagittarius – Purple

Source: @brinkofsound

Purple is the color of awareness and spirituality as well as the notions of abundance. The sign, when exposed to the color will be more open to natural luck and positivity.


10. Capricorn – Brown & Grey


Both these colors help in aiding the growth and practicality of life in a Capricorn’s life. They enhance the powers of strength, assertiveness and traditionalism.


11. Aquarius – Blue

Source: @alexchocron

Aquarius, a water sign, thrives in the color blue. Not only does it bring about balance, the colour is set to create space for a smooth and free range of ideas.


12. Pisces – Light Green

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The color light green for Pisces means space and encouragement of renewal, encouragement and healing. If a Pisces is ever in a rut, light green is just the color to bring about change and renaissance within the sign.

There ya have it, folks! Believe it or not, but that’s the color for you.

What did you think of the list? Did you already love that color? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.



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