This Guy From Lahore Hangs Out With All Your Favorite Celebrities Around The World

By Sarah Babar | 6 Jan, 2017

Meeting your favorite celebrities is almost everyone’s dream. After all, they’re the “heroes” and “heroines” of your life and you want to emulate whatever they do. Some people even go to extreme lengths just to get the opportunity to meet them. This one guy from Lahore beats everyone else in that game.


Meet Ammar

Ammar Nasir just graduated from Beaconhouse National University, in Mass Communication. He’s also one of the most recognized faces on his college campus. He’s a funny guy, likes making his friends laugh, ever-smiling, himself, too.


But what people don’t know is that he’s a low-key celebrity himself.

Ammar is one guy who has met more celebrities than I can count. While people refuse to believe him, thinking ainwee hi keh raha hai, it is important that we recognize his achievements (which are a lot). And I’ll give you reasons for that, too.


Ammar used to chill with this guy before it was cool

The G-man with the Jay-man.


He took one last picture with Harambe

*cue tears*

Also, this was the only time Harambe made an appearance at a university campus.


He clicks candid pictures of Selena

According to him, Selena also greatly appreciated Ammar’s shalwar kameez.


He FaceTimes with people who break the Internet

Naughty naughty, Ammar. This could break the Internet, all over again.


He’s gotten the most coveted ek pappi idher ek pappi udher

Is Mustafa ne tau Kamal hi ker diya.


He doesn’t show off the fact that he’s practically best friends with Cyrus

And not this one

And he’s every bit as cray as her!


He was once spotted by Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman

Ammar, unfortunately, couldn’t be the first man on the moon, because he had his semester finals going on.


He has lunch with the Jenners on a daily basis

Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner in ko thora avoid kerte hain lekin baaqi chill hai.


He was offered Bajirao’s role before Ranveer, which he turned down because his Ammi didn’t let him

Picture Credits: Ranveer Singh


He’s had a lot more to thank Raheel Sharif for, than regular citizens

Although, apparently, he doesn’t believe much in the puff puff pass rule.


And of course, he was there when Pakistan was being made

Every step of the way, Q, every step of the way.


I know there’s a lot of haters around, and especially when people like Ammar have accomplished so much in such a short span of time, people tend to get jealous, as well.

But don’t hate, guys. And if you’re nice enough, Ammar might just take you along on his next celebrity adventure.

(haters will say this is Photoshop, but what do you know?)


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