This Pakistani Journalist's Attempt To “Joke” About Zainab's Rape Just Backfired Really Badly

By Alveena Jadoon | 23 Jan, 2018

Fasih Ahmed works as an editor for Newsweek Pakistan. And he has landed himself in a controversy by outraging the public.



He decide to join the bandwagon of critics of the society but in his own unique manner (or, giving him the benefit of the doubt, what we think is an attempt at critique).

The Zainab rape case has urged many to speak up and push for action. Surely a master of words crafted this tweet:

When asked what he was trying to suggest, Fasih Ahmed replied

A Twitter user then tried to point out that child molestation was never ok but he had an answer to that as well

People were also curious about Fasih Ahmed being in his senses

or if his account was hacked?

After it was disclosed that the person who raped Zainab was a neighbor and someone the family trusted, Fasih tweeted

Attempting to see the bright side?

Rape by a straight guy makes it alright?

People have been calling out Newsweek as well to point out these tweets and comment about the environment at the workplace


So, if we’re going by our “benefit of the doubt” theory, here’s what we think could be the case:


Fasih, very sarcastically and with the help of what many would like to call “dark humor”, is pointing out everything that is wrong with the society. He efficiently points out that just because one case gets highlighted, it does not mean that we have solved anything. We will find the next topic to talk about and forget about this one. Where he says that child molestation was not wrong before, he means that we deny such occurrences. No one can deny that we do that. At the same time, homophobia is also quite prevalent in the society. He uses this incident to point out that at least the guy was straight, which is how we like our people to be.

Yes, this isn’t necessarily how we talk about issues. But hey, the dude is a writer and knows how to hit just the right spot with his words.

But at the same time, what can’t be denied is that the “attempt” at humor may be very ill-timed. Or it may just be a good ol’ meltdown. Watch this space for more when (or if) he clarifies what he really was doing with that tweet-storm.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.



This post has mistakenly been interpreted as a defense of Fasih Ahmed’s remarks. It is not that and here’s a clarification for our respected readers:

Newsweek Pakistan Editor’s Disgusting “Joke” About Zainab’s Rape Is NOT Justifiable. At All




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