13 Super Cute Desi Fashion Trends To Keep In Mind For Your Eid Joras

By Maliha Khan | 18 Aug, 2018

Trends in clothing are bound to change throughout the years, but Eid season makes them a lot more prominent. Looking for inspiration online and in stores is always an exciting part of preparing for Eid, especially for deciding how your Eid joras will turn out.

Every year’s designs seem to outdo the past year’s and I’m not complaining. And this year is no different.

1. Peplum tops with belts

Eid Clothes 2
Source: stylesgap.com

This style adds the right amount of curves on any body and who doesn’t love a built-in accessory?

2. Tassels

Eid Clothes 3
Source: Pinterest.com/@catherinemurphy

A subtle addition can spice up any outfit.

3. Fringe

Eid Clothes 5
Source: secretcloset.pk

The Queen approves.

4. Long jackets

Eid Clothes 5
Source: Pinterest.com/@Pawankumarsingh

Putting a spin on covered and modest.

5. Cold shoulders

Eid Clothes 6
Source: Pinterest.com/@Monicasharma

For when your shoulders are feeling a little warm.

6. Bell Sleeves

Eid Clothes 7
Source: Instagram.com/@thepakistanisartorialist

Perfect place to store Eidi. (Some people get Eidi on this Eid too, okay.)

7. Long gowns

Eid Clothes 9
Source: Pinterest.com/@Bhoomikasingh

Oscars meet Hum Awards.

8. Two-piece suits

Eid Clothes 11
Source: Pinterest.com/@Teenacneta

Hassle-free and easy, slip on and go.

9. Off-shoulder tops

Eid Clothes 13
Source: beststylo.com

Slap some contour and highlight on those collar bones to capture the perfect lighting for Eid pictures.

10. Classic black

Eid Clothes 14
Source: Tumblr.com/@lovelollywood

Black?? On Eid??

Lol, yeah. Be different. Step outside your comfort zone. Dish out some Humsafar vibes for sure.

11. Simpler ensembles

Eid Clothes 8
Source: Shire Fire

Casual outfits work out better in the summer heat of Pakistan.

12. Net dupattas

Eid Clothes 15
Source: asiancouture.com

A simple suit with a kaam wala net dupatta is the best way to go.

13. Patiala shalwars

Eid Clothes 17
Source: punjabishalwarkameez.com

Saved my favorite for the last, something about a traditional Punjabi suit with a patiala shalwar will never get old.


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