These Are The Hottest Trends From Fashion Pakistan Week, So Far

By Arslan Athar | 13 Sep, 2017

Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 (FPW) is happening right now and its pretty divine. Day 1 finished last night and we’re reeling with all the gorgeous trends that have graced the runway.

The top trend that came up last night was the off-shoulder joras 

Seeing a lot of regular desi women embracing this one, might I quickly add…


The trend really took a life on it’s own and showed us a whole new realm of possibilites

And then they hit us with the asymmetric cut

Like wow!


By the looks of it, this year’s bridal fashion is going to feature a lot of sleeveless…

And we’re definitely not complaining.


Many of last year’s hot trends were brought back to life with a few ‘new’ twists

Fashion Pakistan Week never disappoints, does it?


Pastels are making a statement this season

…yet again.


Traditional bridals were brought in the 21st century with this en-vogue metamorphosis


And we’re here for it.

#MishaLakhani's amazing collection at #fpw17‚ú®‚ú® @mishalakhani

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A new designer also featured their Ottoman fashion line…



Amna Aqeel was the clear winner of the day with her elegant and classy shaadi ensemble 

#AmnaAqeel showcases her collection at the #FPW17 Day in #Karachi. #NicheRampage #HappeningNow #Aquafina #2017!

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Gotta love FPW!


And finally, this Greek Goddess-esque look that wooed us all. 

Seems like black is back, bitches.

We can’t wait for the Day 2 looks to come in. Let us know what your favorite looks of the day was in the comments section.

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