Farhan Saeed Just Told Everyone To Basically STFU About Being Pissed Off At “Naya Pakistan”

By Iman Zia | 11 Oct, 2018

‘Naya Pakistan‘ has been a slow show in the eyes of many disgruntled Pakistanis. The new government led by Imran Khan is plowing through credible pressures from a decaying socio-economic situation left behind by years of prevalent corruption. While the government seems to be regressing into a self-deprecating cycle of its predecessors by, for example reaching out to IMF for financial aid and increasing CNG prices, many are still adamant that Imran Khan will pull through – such as Farhan Saeed.


Farhan has always been an avid PTI supporter and was also roped into singing the official anthem for the governing party

So naturally, when Imran Khan won, the singer celebrated with fervor and zest on the streets of Lahore…


And he R E A L L Y celebrated the dawn of ‘Naya Pakistan

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The singer was also very vocal about fellow members of the entertainment industry leaving the country during voting, and condemned them for not prioritizing the future of their country (it was a week prior to the Hum Awards). Farhan is always very active on Twitter as he passionately passes opinions regarding the current political situation, and recently addressed those criticizing the ‘Naya Pakistan‘ government.

He assured Pakistanis to not be afraid or anxious, and asserted that choosing Imran Khan for Prime Minister “was and is the right choice”


A few agreed with the singer




And others were hopeful about the country’s future




However many were still disheartened by the new government led by Imran Khan, calling out the rise in prices


A few oddly attacked Farhan in the process…




Do you agree with Farhan’s statement?


People Are Praising Farhan Saeed For Calling Out Pakistani Celebrities Leaving For The Hum Awards Before Elections

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