11 Super Easy Eye Makeup Looks That'll Make You Look Fancy AF

By Kashaf | 28 Aug, 2018

So much of the beauty world revolves around the eyes. With a million new eye makeup looks, trends, and tutorials – it can all get a little confusing. Applying eye makeup can be a hit or a miss for some people, thinking that it will take hours to do. If you’re tired of being left out of the eyeshadow game then keep reading on how to create some simple yet glamorous eye makeup looks.

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**Make sure to prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow.

1. Shimmery Eyes

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This glam look if perfect for any shaadi or formal event.

Start with a gold cream shadow base all over the eyelid and under the waterline. Then, take a dark brown shade and go over your crease, following the line of your crease all the way to the end of your eyelid. Blend in some bronze shadow into the crease to create a softer look. Now, wet an eyeshadow brush and take a very pigmented gold shimmer powder (can be a glitter shadow as well) and pack it onto your eyelid (only under the crease) with the help of the wet brush. Finish off with winged eyeliner and false lashes.


2. Rose Gold Vibes

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This beautiful eyeshadow is perfect for any occasion (plus it looks like a sunset!)

Start with a light gold shadow and apply to the eyelid. Using a shimmery rose gold cream shadow, apply the shadow onto the middle of the eyelid. Take a dark brown/bronze shadow and work it from the crease to the outer eyelid, blending it into the other colors. Take a gold highlighter and apply to the very middle of the eyelid. Take the same rose gold cream shadow and apply under the waterline. Finish off with an accentuated eyeliner wing and mascara.


3. Lashes Galore

source: @mua.clau/ Instagram

For this dramatic lash look, start off with gold eyeshadow as a base for your eyelid, and blend in a darker bronze color into the crease. Add in a shimmery gold eyeshadow into the inner corner and under the brow bone. Layer two fake eyelashes together with eyelash glue. Apply the layered lashes onto your lash line with eyelash glue. Wait for it to dry and voilà!


4. Smokey Eyes

source: maryammaquillage.com

Ahh, the classic smokey eye. It may seem hard, but practice makes perfect. Invest in an eyeshadow palette aimed for smokey eyes to make your life a little easier.

Start with a dark gray shadow and apply all over the eyelid. Take a shimmery black shadow and start working it from the crease to the middle of the eyelid. Keep applying different shades of gray to make them look as bold as you like. Take a brown shadow and start blending it into the outer crease to make the look softer. Apply some gray eyeshadow under the waterline. Line the waterline with kohl or black eyeliner. Finish off with winged eyeliner and false lashes.


5. Bright and Colorful

source: topdreamer.com

This bold look may look very difficult, but trust me it isn’t. For this look, you need a good quality eyeshadow palette with very pigmented eyeshadows.

Start by taking a striking blue color and apply all over the eyelid and under the waterline. Pat on the eyeshadow for a truly pigmented look. Then, take a purple of violet eyeshadow and blend into the crease. Keep blending so that it melts into the first blue eyeshadow. Take a pink eyeshadow and apply to the outer crease, blending it into the purple. Add in a touch of silver eyeshadow into the inner corner and finish the look off with eyeliner and mascara.


6. Dramatic Wings

source: makeupgeek.com

If you’re not one to apply eyeshadow, you can still make your eyes look dramatic.

For this glamorous look, use a black gel liner to make a thick, dramatic wing. Finish off with mascara and false eyelashes.


7. Peachy

source: histyle.mediasole.ru

This look is super simple and will take less than five minutes to complete.

Start with a light beige shadow and apply all over the eyelid. Go in with a peachy coral color in the inner eyelid and inner corner. Blend in a light brown shade in the crease and outer eyelid. Finish off with blue eyeliner on the waterline.


8. Emerald Green

source: stylemotivation.com

If you’re feeling dramatic and you have brown eyes – this look will make your eyes POP.

Start with a light sea green base and apply it to your eyelid. Then go in with a bright emerald green eyeshadow and apply on from the middle of the eyelid outwards to the crease (keep an ombre look in mind). Then, take a shimmery dark gray shadow and blend from the crease down to the waterline. Line the waterline with a green eyeliner and finish off with eyeliner and false lashes.


9. Fresh and Clean

source: weddbook.com

If you want to start playing around with eyeshadow but don’t want to be too bold, this look is perfect for you.

Start with a peachy eyeshadow as a base, add in a touch of rose gold from the eyelid to the crease, and a darker bronze in the outer crease. Finish off with winged eyeliner and a few coats of mascara.


10. Geometric Eyeliner

source: hagel-shop.de

If you’re looking for a new and innovative eye makeup look, go for a geometric eye wing. All you need for this bold looks is a precise black eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your shapes.


11. Vintage

source: blushingnoir.com

This rustic eyeshadow look is perfect for both day and night events.

Start by applying a metallic gold base and make the look a little more dramatic with bronze and rust colored shades in your crease. Finish off with a slight wing and mascara for the glamorous look.


Let us know which looks you hope to try!


Cover image source: thebrunettediaries.com

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