Fahad Hussayn Might Have Just Changed Lawn With This Beautiful Truck Art Fusion In His Latest Collection

By Arslan Athar | 12 Apr, 2019

Last night, the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week kicked off in Lahore. Among the traditional and futuristic ramp collections displayed at the show, Fahad Hussayn presented his latest collection called ‘Suraiya Titanic’, and it was meant to be a fun and quirky spin of lawn, and let me tell you, you haven’t seen lawn like this before.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


In his own words, Fahad describes ‘Suraiya Titanic’ like this: ‘The collection features hand-painted truck art inspired layouts and characters infused in hand-painted, illustrated & vector drawings, giving it a new contemporary direction as a study of the recent cross-cultural interventions in our region’.

The collection is truly unlike anything that we’ve seen before. 

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


The incorporation of truck art was subtle yet artistically done. 

He’s using elements we’ve seen in Pakistani truck art and putting it on lawn, thus creating a colorful collection.

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


Thank God someone broke away from the excessive floral patterns and parindas on lawn suits. 

I mean yes, there are flowers and there a birds on these clothes, but he’s moving away from how we use those motifs in Pakistani fashion.

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


Even when Fahad Hussayn used floral motifs, he did it in a new way. 

He seems to have used pop art, and took inspiration from truck art as well, to create a unique floral motif.

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


This collection was unlike anything that we saw at Day 1 of PFDC. 

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


And don’t worry boys, he didn’t forget you. 

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


Finally, we have a collection that features pop art on clothes, for both men and women. 

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


Another designer from Day 1 that truly wow-ed us was Hussain Rehar.

Rehar’s collection took inspiration from a futuristic space age and aimed to empower the modern Pakistani woman through fashion.

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


The power suits took our breath away 

Source: @pfdcofficial / Instagram


From truck art lawn, to chinkari looks reigning on the ramp, day one had it all and we’re super pumped to see what comes up in the remainder of the days.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @pfdcofficial / Instagram

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