13 Totally Chalaak Excuses You Can Use To Sneak Out With Bae On Valentine’s Day

By Maliha Khan | 13 Feb, 2018

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you would like to admit it or not, you’re dying to hang out with bae. As Pakistanis, we all need a good reason to step out of the house on this “haw haye” wala day. Thus, here are some great excuses for you or anyone you know to use to go out and enjoy the day, while the rest of us curl up in bed watching Netflix.

1. The sleeping excuse

Use the classic “mujhe neend arahi hai” excuse and sneak into your room. Lock the door behind you, and well I hope you have the rest of the plan covered because I am not allowed to really advise you to jump out of windows.

Man Jumping Out of Window
Source: thehollywoodreporter.com

2. The shaadi shopping excuse

Remind your parents you have a shaadi to attend soon and still need to buy kaprey. Slip out the door before any more questions can be asked.

Shopping in Pakistan
Source: thedailystar.net

3. The going-out-to-eat excuse

Blame your Ammi Ji for not cooking your favorite food and ask to go out to eat.  This method will get you a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and your Ammi Ji will also cook some Biryani for you the day after because she feels so bad.

Baby Eating Biryani
Source: sharestoc.com

4. The studying excuse

Exams are so close in the future, any mention of studying will set you free to enjoy your day.  Bas exams main fail na hona, warna apke Ammi aur Abbu mujhe dhoondein gein.

Go Study, Or Else Meme
Source: gethashtags.com

5. The school event excuse

A few days prior to Valentine’s Day, ask your parents if you can attend a school event. As soon as you get their permission, you have permission from me to blast Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai.

Source: drugpolicy.org

6. The celebrating-the-revival-of-Pakistani-cinema excuse

Remind your parents Parchi came out ages ago and you still haven’t watched it.  You can even use this excuse with Bae to watch a movie you have been dying to watch since ages.

Source: IRK Films/ARY Films

7. The running-late-from-kaam excuse

Aim for a late afternoon date with Bae. This way you can report to the date right from school or work. Do not forget to scan the crowd while you are on the date for any cousins, chachi, or mami that might be enjoying a day out as well.

Desi Auntie Stalking
Source: wordpress.com/@desiaunty

8. The extra kaam excuse

If you typically work evening shifts, then take the day off and spend some quality time with your loved one, no exaggerated excuse needed. If you do not typically work the evening shift then complain to your parents about how these besharam kids requested off of work to go on dates, and that you now have to cover for them. Once you step out of the house, who cares if you have just joined the besharam squad?

Besharam Meme
Source: memebucket.com

9. The chillin’-with-my-girls excuse

Each year there are more and more girls that go out and celebrate with their best girlfriends for Valentine’s Day, whether they are single or not. Either tell your parents you will be going out with the larkian as an excuse and then go out with Bae, or actually choose to go out with the girls.

Girl's Day Out
Source: retailmenot.com

10. The chillin’-with-the-boiz excuse

Do not worry boys, you can use the same excuse as above. But do not forget to say you are going out with the boys. Saying you are going out with the larkian might land you in a lot more trouble.

Boys Night Out
Source: aayamaza.com

11. The hanging-out-with-fam excuse

Get all of your cousins and siblings in on the plan, if you do not mind everyone knowing your business. Set up a hangout and leave for a few hours to give someone special some time out of your day as well. This way you get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of your loved ones.

Yousaf Raza Gilani family
source: dawnimages.com

12. The my-life-is-a-joke excuse

WARNING: This will only apply to someone whose love life is completely and utterly hopeless, and their parents are well aware of this fact and have accepted their child will never get nikkahfied.  

State that you will be going on a date, since no one will believe that you were even able to get a date, no one will stop you from going, including your parents.

Rishta Meme
Source: quickmeme.com

13. The super shareef excuse

Show your parents some love and stay in with them. This way you do not have to lie to them or do anything that you might regret later (if you catch my drift…)

Halal Meme
Source: knowyourmeme.com

Now go out and enjoy your Valentine’s Day! And if you have more excuses lined up, let us know in the comments.

Cover image: @aclockworkobi/Instagram

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