12 Ideal Gift Ideas For The One Who Loves Everything Black

12 Ideal Gift Ideas For The One Who Loves Everything Black

Everything black lovers can sometimes be a little hard to shop for. What with all the other specifications you now have to be mindful that you choose it only AND only in the color black.

Do you have someone in your life who is absolutely in love with the color black? Do they look for black in everything they set their eyes on? If your answer is yes to those questions, then this is the perfect guide for you.

Here are all the awesome things you can buy for someone whose favorite color is black:


This beautiful matte black leather journal 

Rs. 2500/-

Source: Iff’s Collection


These black pendants with messages to live by

Rs. 800/-

Source: Iff’s Collection


Rs. 1000/-

Source: Iff’s Collection


This cute little laptop cover 

Rs. 2300/-

Source: Prisms and Paintbrushes


This tote bag for the black lover who also is in love with cats

Rs. 2000/-

Source: Prisms and Paintbrushes


This “death note” journal for Emo kid

Rs. 800/-

Source: animetraders.com


This customized black hoodie with their name in Urdu that is all the rage this season 

Rs. 3000/-


These pretty lace socks 

2 pairs for Rs. 799/-

Source: pinterest.com


These dark mugs for those dark winter mornings

Rs. 749/-

This useful power-bank

Rs. 1099/-

Source: nis-store.com


This gorgeous spiral notebook

Rs. 600/-


This decadent black wallet


This Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to listen to some dark music

Rs. 3721/-


Get your black on.

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