Women Across Pakistan Are Obsessed With This Trending Haircut And You Will Be Too

By Biya Haq | 20 Mar, 2018

Spring is here and while that may mean Lawn mania, allergies, and GREAT weather, there seems to be one more thing trending this season.

Young and Powerful✌️ PC @zain.zaidi.5

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That’s RIGHT.

Women all over Pakistan (and our social feeds) are chopping their layers off and friends, it is looking GOOD. And with the summer months upon us, there’s no better way to cope with the heat.

We guarantee these looks are going to give you the bob inspiration you need to take the plunge. ~

Source: Deenga

Take a look at Eman Suleman,

I detested my long hair, I felt as if it was consuming all of my energy. I wanted it gone, but every time someone would convince me otherwise. ‘It’s psychological,’ they explained. ‘You won’t get any work,’ or ‘have you lost your mind,’ they said. So I kept it, for a very long time, even though I didn’t want it, I kept it. What I hated more than my long hair was the lack of control I had over my body (had kya, have) something as little as getting my hair cut. Anyhow, yesterday, I woke up and thought, you know what, screw your beauty standards (but not all, because I adhere to most of them). I booked a careem, which ended up at a different location, far from my house, so I cancelled it and was charged 150 rupees, (this is a recurring problem that needs mentioning) booked another one which thankfully arrived at the right location, then I went to this wonderful old man a friend had suggested. I fell in love with him, the instant I saw him. I think it must’ve been his floral shirt, high waisted loose blue jeans and a big buckled belt to keep those high waisted loose blue jeans from falling. He was sexy. And so, I saw him, I fell in love with him and I told him, ‘do what you must,’ and so he did and Taadaa. I think I look lovely. Everything about this caption seems wrong, khair, jo bhi. ALSO, the mystery hair dresser told me not to reveal his name on instagram, he’s too old and tired. However, he did say I can give his number to a selective group of people. Hmmm.

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She recently clipped off her long locks and looks like a million rupees.

Iqra Aziz chopped her hair off with a message we all need to keep in mind.

Sadaf Kanwal (as usual) is KILLING her look!


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Farwa Kazmi knows how to rock the look, EFFORTLESSLY.

Though hers is a pixie cut, we’re still completely in love.

Though Saheefa has been in the bob game for a while, we have to include her look here.

#brotherfromanothermother #shadidays @salmoonjames ?

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She’s basically a queen for it. Yas.

The king of trends, Sophiya Khan, aka @KeepingUpWithTheKhan, pulls off her chic lob in the coolest way.

So there ya have it, friends, now it’s your turn! Get that hair chopped off and get trendy. ~

What do you think about the hairstyle? Are you into it? Do you like long hair too much? Not ready to chop it off? COMPLETELY READY TO CHOP IT OFF?! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

Mehwish Hayat Chopped Off All Her Hair And Everyone Agrees She Looks Incredible

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Cover photo source: @iiqraaziz/@KeepingUpWithKhan Via: Instagram

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