Every Type Of Chai In Lahore And Where Chai Connoisseurs Can Find It

By Sinwan Zahid | 10 Apr, 2018

These places for chai in Lahore are serving the chai of our dreams

Chai is the key to our hearts. There’s no saying no to chai because in the universe of chai, the term “no” does not exist. Chai is a necessity for the Pakistani people. Whether it’s paired with parathas and fried anda in the morning or has a designated time for itself, known as “chai” or “tea-time” to enjoy with cakes and fried snacks; it’s the fuel we Pakistanis run on. And while we indulge in the vilaiyti chai from time to time, asal tou maza desi chai ka hai. There’s a variety of desi chais in Lahore and I’m here to let all you chaiholics know where you can get yourself a glass or even a mug of karrak, steaming hot and delicious chais in Lahore whenever you crave for it.

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As of late, a lot of hip chai dhabas have opened up in the city to make our cup of chais more accessible. As a doodh patti connoisseur myself, I have often been in search for sahi dhabay waali chai. In my findings, I have discovered a range of pretty rad karrak chais in Lahore that flat-out gives a finger to coffee and vilayti chai. Most of these dhabas are in upscale neighborhoods while some are just plain traditional dhabas and stalls, so go to whichever of these you most relate to.

Check ’em out:


MARO Tandoors

Elaichi (Cardamom) Chai

MARO Tandoors serves a strong, aromatic elaichi waali chai. With just the right amount of sugar, this chai is the best thing to have following a stuffed naan binge at the tandoor.

Source: MARO Tandoors/Facebook


Sarrak Pe Karrak

Bombay Karrak Chai

Sarrak Pe Karrak’s Bombay Karrak is slightly spicy because of cinnamon, tad bit gingery and very milky. And then there’s always two teaspoons of sugar to make our lives (and chai) better. Take your friends and family along and treat yourself to a game of ludo while you’re enjoying your chai.

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Malai Mar Ke Chai

Sarrak Pe Karrak’s Malai Mar Ke Chai is creamy, rich and has a serving of malai on top that melts in your mouth as you sip into it. Chai like this makes you a winner even if you don’t win at ludo at the dhaba. Koi gal nai!


Chai Kada

Doodh Patti

A doodh patti is patti, milk, and sugar, boiled and reduced. This trio cuts straight to the point without any complications. It is perfect for a chilly, rainy night and a hot, Lahori summer afternoon. Excuse me while I also enjoy a gooey chocolate brownie with it at Chai Kada and die out of joy.

Zaffran (Saffron) Chai

Chai Kada also brews up one of the most delicious zaffrani chais! This creamy and aromatic concoction is the perfect thing to try at Chai Kada if you’re looking for a chai that’s not too strong but also not too light; just somewhere in the middle.


Manji Munch

Nutella Chai

If normal desi chais aren’t your jam, that’s alright. Manji Munch put a twist on desi karrak chai; it gives you karrak Nutella chai and quite honestly, we’re here for it no matter how much we love the usuals. It’s sweet, strong and chocolatey – and no one minds stuff like that.


Goonga Yaqoo Chai Wala

Doodh Patti

If all burger chai dhabas are closed at 2 am in the night, you can always count on Yaqoo Chai Wala for your midnight chai cravings. This doodh patti is strong, sweet and addictive so you’re going to be driving to Mozang quite a lot once you try it out.

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Lakshmi Chowk Stalls

Kashmiri Chai

Believe it or not, if you want to get a steaming cup of the authentic most Kashmiri chai in Lahore, you need to head over to Lakshmi Chowk. The frothy, pink tea is served with a topping of crushed cashews, pistachios, almonds, and tastes spectacular! You’ve got to have more than a cup – one cup doesn’t quite cut it with this chai.

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You can also get Kashmiri chai at one of these places in Lahore.


Chai Avenue

Special Doodh Patti Chai

Here are some of the best chais in Lahore for chaiholics that keep asking the question, “where do I get chai from?”


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