13 Struggles That Only Cat Owners In Pakistan Go Through

By Hurmat Riaz | 2 Oct, 2017

A cat is one of those creatures that make your heart swoon without even doing anything. They just sit and you feel joy at just their existence because their face is too cute and fluffy to handle. But like every other relationship, there’s another side to the story.

Here are some struggles that every Pakistani goes through if they have a cat at home:


1. Someone in your family will turn out to be allergic of your cat

‘Gandi billi’, your mum might start sneezing because of her or your brother might be turn out to be asthmatic because of the cat hair.

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2. Your mom will never approve of keeping an animal in your home

‘Ye na-paak janwar hai’ will become the constant phrase of your elders while you just listen to them silently because you cannot do anything about it.

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3. Someone has even told you that you’ll get infection if you cuddle with your cat too much

You explain to people all the time that your cat is vaccinated and it won’t give anyone any sort of disease.

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4. You always panic way too much when something happens to your fluff ball

Allah na karay if something happens, but if it does, always keep the vet’s number saved in your phone.

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5. You have to find special cat food for your special kitty cat

It’s available only at specific stores in Pakistan. So when you go to a store and find some, you stock up on it so that your cat won’t starve from the chichray  your mom tells you to feed her.

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6. Your billi is called a nakhraybaaz because you feed her actual cat food instead of doodh and botiyaan

‘Baray nakhray hain tumhari billi kay bhae.’

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7. Guests have actually gotten scared after finding your cat casually hanging around your house

You’re either asked to take your cat away or keep an eye on her in case, she ‘attacks’ someone.

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8. You have to stop meeting your friends who own dogs because your cat doesn’t like dogs

Because you love your kitty too much you can’t say no to her demands. Also, she can smell the dog on you, if you’ve ever been near one.

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9. You have to work according to mood swings of your billi  because if you don’t you’ll get scratches all over yourself

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10. The biggest struggle comes when you have to leave her alone at home

Uska special khaana kaun khilae ga?

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11. Finding cat hair in every single corner of your home has become a constant problem for you

If someone comes over to stay, they’ll complain all the time that they have cat hair all over them which you know is not true.

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12. You have to guard your billi and protect her from ganday stray cats from outside

You know your domestic act is not strong enough to defend herself.

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13. And worst of all, you care for her like a baby and fall in love with her for the rest of your life making it hard to ever survive without your cat

Source: Heyday Films


Beshak billiyan apni marzi ki malik hoti hain but they rule over your heart.


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