13 Of The Most Insane Episodes Of “Bulbulay” That Will Make You Question Reality

By Ather Ahmed | 4 Nov, 2017

Bulbulay be cray but it’s really addictive

In Pakistan, Bulbulay is perhaps one of the most watched television shows right now. Even if you don’t watch the show, chances are that you are familiar with names like Mehmood Sahab, Nabeel, Khoobsurat, and Momo. There is always at least one person that watches the show religiously because of whom the rest just join in.

So without further ado here are some of the most fun filled episodes from Bulbulay:


1. The one where Mehmood Sahab was turned into a cross-dresser because transgenders = comedy, right?

This starts off with Mehmood Sahab ridiculing a khwaja sira who then subsequently curses him out of anger. The curse being that Mehmood Sahab develops a gender crisis of his own.


2. Remember the time when Bulbulay got inspired by horror shows and Momo got possessed and tried to scare the shit out of her family?

What happens is that Momo here gets possessed and scares the shit out of the whole clan.


3. The one where the family got burglars in their home who got a little too comfortable

So basically to dacoits barge into their house and make themselves really comfortable. As comfortable as an unwelcome phupho.


4. Then there’s the one where Nabeel and Mehmood Sahab take Bulbulay into tharak zone and compete for the affections of “Honey”

Both Nabeel and Mehmood Sahab are completely smitten by her much to the dismay of their wives.


5. And then the time when Mehmood Sahab became burger to “score some bachiyaan

On the advice of one of his sleazy friends Mehmood Sahab gets a new makeover in order better his chances with younger women. The only problem was that he’s already married to Momo.


6. There was the time when the Bulbulay family became “rich”

So the jinn that possessed Momo comes out and sort of befriends her. Momo convinces the jinn to make everyone rich with its abilities.


7. And then they liked cross dressing so much they did it again, this time making Mehmood Sahab and Momo trade places

Yea they exchange personalities in this one. Better just to watch it.


8. There’s one where Khoobsurat’s dad gets married again

It’s seems as if all the male characters of the show are prisoners of their own tharak.


9. And the one where the Bulbulay family is hit by the Al-Bakistani craze

I can’t even.


10. Most Bulbulay Bakra Eid episodes are always fun, like this one in particular

Mehmood Sahab and Nabeel decide to buy a bakra but get more than what they bargain for.


11. And then Mehmood and Momo got a new bahu

No, no Nabeel doesn’t get married again. This time around their six year old son is the culprit who decides to get hitched.


12. Of course, no Pakistani comedy is complete without some phupho action so Mehmood Sahab‘s phupho decided to grace us in this one

Mehmood Sahab‘s phupho decides to grace everyone with her presence and raise some hell.


13. And then there’s one where the show talks about the “virus”


If you want to add more, please let us know in the comment section below.


Cover image via:  MIF Productions

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