13 Truly Empowering Messages Of Love For All Single People This Valentine's Day

By Aam Nawab | 14 Feb, 2018

The following post is a submission by Rameen Tejani.

To all the single boys and girls out there;

This Valentine’s Day, don’t fall into the realm of self-pity and resentment as you see your friends cozy up with their significant others with chocolates and letters. Instead, look back at how far you’ve come in life, and give yourself some well-deserved credit. Here are a few quotes to help all the single people realize how significant and sufficient they really are;

1. Each time you feel lonely, remember that your existence matters 

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2. Covering up the wounds and leaving them to fade into scars is never easy. Give yourself time to heal, one day at a time

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3. You don’t need anyone to make you feel whole. You’re perfect, as you are.

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4. Learn to love and value yourself, beyond anything and anyone else 

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    5. Never let anyone convince you that you are flawed

    Source: Nikita Gill

    6. Don’t allow someone to determine your self-worth

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    7. Don’t forget that you alone will be with yourself throughout all the good and hard times. No one can ever treat you more selflessly than you’ll treat yourself

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    8. Don’t feel bad for being selfish. Put yourself first, always

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    9. Be kinder to yourself


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    10. Each time you feel worthless, remember that you were created for a purpose

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    11. Don’t ever alter yourself based on the likes of someone

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    12. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You too are coping

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    13. And remember, you can achieve anything you set your heart to. Just hang on tight.

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    And here you have it! Tag all the single people you know in the comments and help them realize that being alone is really not a bad thing at all. And to all of you, regardless: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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