Embrace x Women’s Day: Celebrating Womanhood and Addressing their Challenges

By MangoBaaz Studio | 7 Mar, 2023

Embrace is a sanitary napkins brand which has gained popularity in Pakistan for its commitment to promoting menstrual hygiene and breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation. It has designed its products while keeping in mind the distinctive needs of South Asian women. In a not so comfortable time of the month, Embrace aims to provide constant comfort by delivering the softest, widest and most absorbent range of pads. It has successfully introduced Pakistan’s first ever Sensitives sanitary napkin range which is derma tested from the leading testing body in the world, which is especially designed for rash and allergy prone skins and an Essentials range that offers unparalleled absorption capacity for regular use.

Embrace believes that it’s time to live comfortably as a woman which is why the brand is stepping forward to address the taboos and stereotypes attached to women.  Menstruation is still a topic talked about in hushed tones, periods are still a taboo here and women still hesitate to embrace their bodies. In many parts of our country, girls miss school during their menstrual cycles due to not having access to menstrual products. This leads to missed educational opportunities, and lower academic achievement. On this Women’s Day, the team at Embrace thinks it is time to reflect on the progress we have made as a society towards gender equity and to renew our commitment to achieving a more equitable society where women are given the space, resources and opportunities they deserve and need.

Whether it’s at home or workplace, girls and women are still facing discrimination as individuals, daughters, and wives. In order to highlight this discrimination, educate women, and spread awareness regarding the need for greater equity, Embrace has taken a number of steps and partnered with various initiatives and organizations this Women’s day to promote equity through a plethora of initiatives, such as:

Digital Video Commercial

Embrace is releasing a digital video commercial in light of Women’s Day to shed light on gender discrimination and more. The video shows how from a very young age, girls face discrimination compared to boys in various aspects of life, including education, health care, employment, and inheritance. Girls are often denied access to education in spheres of society where traditional gender roles are more strictly enforced. Moreover, girls’ health care needs are frequently neglected, despite them being at a higher risk of malnutrition. This is a dismal state of affairs, given that 40% of Pakistan’s female population is iron deficient. The video also highlights the issue of inheritance, wherein girls are left vulnerable through the denial of their fundamental right to family property and assets. Embrace believes that it is critical to talk about these issues as girls face gender discrimination, which affects their development, well-being, and opportunities in life.

Pink Bus Initiative

Pink Bus Service x Embrace Image

The Government of Sindh recently launched the ‘Pink Bus Service’, exclusively for women. This service is especially designed to cater to the specific needs of women. The buses are painted pink, have female conductors, and are equipped with CCTV cameras providing women with a sense of security and comfort during their commute. Embrace is joining hands with the ‘Pink Bus Service’ initiative for a cause to acknowledge womanhood and the challenges that come with it. The team of Embrace will be giving out free Embrace sanitary napkins to all the women traveling in the Pink Buses on the 8th of March, 2023 to mark International Women’s Day. They believe experiencing is believing, and they want the women who get these samples to experience the highest quality pads that set them apart from the existing alternatives available in the market. The features that set them apart include the four-layered absorbency sheet and the wide back which gives maximum coverage to prevent back leakages.

Other partnerships to promote women empowerment and period education

Embrace has also partnered with various organizations such as Pink Ribbon to name a few to educate young girls and women regarding periods. The motive is to teach them that how awareness of their menstruation cycle can help understand the practices they need to incorporate in their monthly self checkups to detect breast cancer in a timely manner. Additionally, Embrace is also joining hands with APWA for a women’s cycling event for later in March. A women’s cycling event can create a sense of belonging and empowerment for women by allowing them to occupy public spaces. In a country where almost half the population comprises of women, we do not see a proportionate representation of them in the public sphere. Such initiatives are a step in the direction to change this reality.

Embrace is actively taking actions to work against period poverty and towards menstrual health and embracing womanhood in Pakistan so women can stay hygienic, and confident to thrive and diligently participate in the society.

Cover Image Via Embrace

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