21 Of The Funniest Election Memes That Perfectly Summarize Everything That Went Down

By Noor | 26 Jul, 2018

Election Day has just ended. And boy, was it intense. On a lighter side, we Pakistanis who now have responsibly voted also want some fun side of this election scene. Zahir hai, election hai. Election memes toh baneinge. 

Initially, there were people who complained of not having a good amount of memes this election season.

Soon, however, the memes started trickling in. Here’s a list of the funniest memes we came across:

1. The very basic one, a reminder to prepare yourself

2. Much awaited thumbs

3. Expert analysis at your disposal

4. Here’s what happens when you lose

5. Haye, PPP

6. That jazba tho

7. A dream coming true for PTI supporters

8. Election results ka hungama

9. Not really a meme. More of a reminder

10. This selfie moment

11. Masoom celebration

12. Lol, yeh bhi

13. Queen ke taanay

14. Yikes…

15. Koi inhay bhi batao result

16. Reham Khan memes toh obvs honge

17. Aur sirf ek toh namumkin hai

18. Then there’s this

19. PTI supporters chimed in with this

20. And this, lol ok

21. Just gonna leave this here at the end

I really hope you all enjoyed this collection of memes, let us know if you have more to add. And result ka kya banna, kya khayal hai? Let us know in the comments.


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