15 Fucked Up Relationship Lessons Star Plus Dramas Tried To Teach Us About Susraal

By Noor | 1 May, 2018

Star Plus dramas are insane

I know it feels really embarrassing to admit that we all have once been the regular viewers of Ekta Kapoor dramas but it’s okay. Relax, we’ve all been there. There was a time when our eyes were glued to the TV screens which aired dramas like Kumkum or Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

This constant ‘exposure’ to Ekta’s serials have made us assume some stuff about our sasural to be so here are fifteen things you might have thought that you were going to experience there:


1. It is because of Star Plus dramas that we think no matter what, your saas is going to hate you

No matter how hard you try to please your saasu-maa, she will never see the good in you. She will keep on hating you. You should expect all kinds of evil tricks she will plan to make your life hell.

Source: Balaji Telefilms

2. Star Plus dramas take things too far because they teach you to keep a check on your nand, she might be a naagin

Since Ekta Kapoor has pretty much confirmed that naagins do exist, keep an eye on your nand. It may be possible that she is an icchadaari naagin in an insaani roop. Stay safe girl.

Source: Balaji Telefilms

3. Your in-laws will try to ruin the most insignificant things. Like your kheer pakayi ki rasam

You need to be extra cautious while making your first meetha at sasural or else someone will just change the ingredients and you will end up making a total disaster. SAVE YOUR KHEER OR YOU WILL REGRET SHIT LATER.

Via: Tumblr

4. If you start believing Star Plus dramas then on your first night, your shohar will tell you that you are not the love of his life

Your shohar will already be in love with a super hot villain and he will ignore you like you don’t exist.

Via tenor.com

5. Be ready to face your potential sautan

You will see this girl everywhere in your house and you won’t be able to do anything. You will have to fight her and show her that this is YOUR sasural.

Oh, and she most definitely has her own catchy soundtrack while she fucks shit up. You? Yeah, you get mundane emotional music which is totally forgettable.

Source: Balaji Telefilms

6. You will have an adorable daadi-saas

This lady is going to be a blessing. She will love you and even support you against your saasu-maa.

Source: Dharma Productions

7. As per Star Plus dramas, your susraalis will absolutely 100% celebrate every occasion with dhamakaydaar dance moves

Your sasural is going to celebrate every small good news with a dance so be prepared for the dhumkas and the latkay jhatkays.

Source: Dharma Productions

8. Also, Star Plus dramas teach you that you CANNOT do anything without wearing heavy jewelry and makeup

You will have to wear every single piece of jewelry you own along with heavy makeup applied on your face. This is going to be your married life. So, don’t forget to wear moun dikhayi ka necklace before you sleep.

Via giphy.com

9. You will have a masoom tareen sasur jee

Your father-in-law is going to be very sweet and is going to take care of you. It’s a given. He’ll be totally powerless in front of your saas though.

Source: All India Bakchod/YouTube

10. You will celebrate every festival with dhoom dhaam

Religious festival? Party time.

Birthday? Defs a party.

Someone just died? Cue mournful dance sequence.

Every single festival is going to be celebrated and you will have a lot of fun interacting with all your sasuralis.

Source: PVR Pictures

11. Brace yourself for the thappars

Has the day even started if someone hasn’t gotten bitch-slapped?! There is going to be A LOT of violence in your sasural. Thappars everywhere!

Source: SLB Films

12. Prepare yourself for a jang between bahus for tijori ki chaabi

You will have to fight with your devarani/jethani in order to get hold of tijori ki chaabi. After all, you deserve the chaabi as you are the most sanskari bahu.

Source: encyclopedia.wikia.com

13. The maid is going to spy on you. Take care!

The kaam wali is paid by your saas so that she always keeps an eye on you and keeps a record of all things you do. She will share all the information with your saas so be careful.

Source: indiaforums.com

14. If someone dies, you don’t need to cry because they will have a dusra janam soon… and plastic surgery can heal all wounds

Husband just died? Masla nahi hai, he’ll come back as a hotter man. And then that hot man will die and your old husband will come back. Basically, over the course of your life, your husband might change form and shape, but the great thing is he’ll never die.

Just don’t worry if any family member dies. Just have a little patience and watch them return back with their dusra janam or maybe a plastic surgery.

Source: Balaji Telefilms

15. In the end, your husband is going to fall in love with you and then all is going to be well

You and your husband will make the best love story possible. Even if you got married under questionable circumstances.

Source: Dharma Productions

By now, I hope this guide by Ekta Kapoor has given you a great idea about what your married life is going to be like. I know who I’m thanking for my potentially successful marriage. Anyway, if we’ve missed any life lessons, let us know in the comments below.


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