15 Meethi Things You Can Try Making This Eid If You Want More Than Just Sawaiyyan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 27 Jun, 2017

After all the sabr ka imtihaan, Eid is finally here. Which means wearing pretty clothes with lots of bling, nice crisp kurta and kheriyaan while heading to the namaz, hugging each other and getting a whole lot richer courtesy baray log and eidi.

But most importantly, loading up our plates with lots and lots of food. Aakhir muu meetha kerna tou banta hai.

Here are a few desserts you can try over the Eid holidays, other than the classic Sawaiyyan. You’re welcome:


1. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake.

Source: Sweer and Savory Food

Use the gulab jamuns from your local mithai shop or whip some up from scratch. Learn how to make this quintessential East meets West fusion dessert here.


2. Vanilla Custard Cake Cups.

Source: Live For Cake

Try your hand at these yummy custard cups using your favorite Rafhan custard mix. Recipe here.


3. Chocolate Poke Cheesecake.

Source: Sweet and Savory Food

Learn how to make this decadent dessert here.


4. Shahi Tukray with custard drizzle.

Source: Rafhan Desserts

Shahi tukray with a drizzle of custard instead of the regular doodh. Wah ji wah. Get the recipe by simply calling 03040-Rafhan.


5. Chocolate kheer.

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

Can’t go wrong with this like, ever. Get the recipe here.


6. Mix fruit galette.

Source: The Law Student Diary

Can you ever go wrong with such a beautiful looking pastry dessert? Recipe here.


7.  Zesty Custard Cake.

Source: Giverecipe

With all the gooey custard in every bite. Rafhan ho tou baat hee koi aur hay. Try this recipe.


8. Mango Souffle.

Source: myblueberrybasket

Make use of the mango season and the festivities of Eid. Here’s the recipe.


9. Meethi tikkiyaan.

Source: flourandspiceblog

Try your hand at these simple yet delicious sweet treats. Recipe here.



10. Mango Tart.

Yum yum yummy. Call 03040-723426 and get the recipe RIGHT NOW.


11. Banana nut bread.

Source: myhappyandchaotickitchen

Make a bunch of these, cut them up in eights and twelves and store in an air tight jar for random nibbles over the Eid holidays. Recipe here.


12. Desi creme brûlée.

Source: mytamarindkitchen

Anything with a touch of rose and elachi has got to be desi at it’s finest. Yeh recipe try karein.


13. Sabu Dana Kheer.

Source: The Spice Spoon

Another take on the regular kheer. Try zaroor karein.


14. Banofie pie.

Source: cookingandme

Super easy on the eyes and equally easy to make. Try the mazaydaar recipe tonight.


15. Brownies.

Source: homemadehooplah.com

Find the recipe for this classically gooey brownie over here.

Happy eating! We love you.

This post has been sponsored by Rafhan.

#RafhanAurBhiSpecial se brighten up your Eid celebrations. Simply give a call to 03040-Rafhan (03040-723426) and get fun recipes for Eid aaj hee.

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