There's A New Notice Going Around That Claims Eid Holidays Have Been Extended But People Are Calling Bullshit

By Maliha Khan | 17 Aug, 2018

Eid holidays have become contentious for some reason and people are not backing down


Just a few days ago the Pakistani government put out a statement discussing Eid holidays. It was confirmed Eid would be celebrated from Tuesday, the 21st, to Thursday, the 23rd. Which means Pakistanis will be required to go to work on Monday and Friday of next week.


Pakistanis had some strong opinions.


Passionate appeals were also made.

Anyway, now there’s a document floating around that says Eid holiday dates have been extended. This new document states, Eid would be celebrated from Tuesday, the 21st, to Friday, the 24th.


Here it is.


But, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice something off.

While some Pakistanis fell for this…


…most Pakistanis believe this to be fake.


Others tried to track original sources


And some made memes to handle their dukh.

Yeah, looks like Eid holidays will be spent a bit bitter this time around. Yikes. Anyway, what do you think about this fiasco? Let us know in the comments.



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