Abdul Sattar Edhi Refused Modi's Donation and This Is What People Have To Say About It

By Sarmad Amer | 27 Oct, 2015

Everyone knows what a wonderfully blessed country Pakistan is for having the legendary social worker Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi call it his home. He is undisputedly admired for his morals, humility and compassion for mankind without regard to their backgrounds, religions or sect.

Recently, he was in the news after a Bollywood movie brought an Indian girl stranded in Pakistan to the limelight. This girl, named Geeta by Bilquis Edhi, Abdul Sattar’s wife, was staying at one of their shelters after she was found near the Lahore border area 10 years ago. After efforts by the Edhi foundation in conjunction with activists and political personalities on both sides of the border, she returned to India. Following this, Narendra Modi, as a gesture of thanks to Edhi Foundation for taking good care of Geeta, announced a donation of Rs. 10 million (1 crore Indian Rupees).


Everyone was happy and cheerful but then Edhi sahab announced his refusal to accept the donation.


Nor surprisingly (lol), the news was received rather positively by Pakistanis. Within minutes, it was a top trending topic on social media.


Everyone had to give their two cents about this development.


Most people were happy that it was a “slap” to Modi’s face.

Sadly, they don’t know that this refusal was more to do with Edhi sahab‘s principles than a political stunt.


Others were appreciative of the great work Edhi sahab and his foundation does.


Some used the opportunity to bash those they didn’t like, politically.


Someone even thought this might not be a good move as people would take the wrong message from it.


However, some people actually understood the move.


In the end, regardless of whatever they think, everyone still loves Abdul Sattar Edhi. And can you blame them?


But we don’t like this guy because he made a joke about Mangoes.


Mangoes are love, mangoes are life. Everyone must always love mangoes for we are mango-loving MangoBaaz, for life.


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