Two Years After Abdul Sattar Edhi's Death, Here's Why You Should STILL Donate To Edhi Foundation

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 Jun, 2018

Prepared by: Asiatic Public Relations

The Edhi Foundation is established as one of the top and most extensive social welfare service providers in Pakistan. Built by humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, the foundation is now being run by wife and long time confidante Bilquis Edhi and their son, Faisal Edhi.

This Ramazan, let us all remember to embrace the values of empathy and generosity by donating to them. Here are some reasons to consider why you might do so:

The wide range of services it provides to the most destitute in Pakistan

Source: Express Tribune

Besides operating the world’s largest ambulance service, the Edhi Foundation carries out a myriad of social services including maintaining orphanages, mobile dispensaries, hospitals, diabetic centres, homes for the homeless, the disabled and the elderly rejected by their families, as well as much more.


Edhi Foundation has a reputation of not working with the government or other dubious donors, instead relying on people’s support

Source: The New York Times

Edhi Foundation still relies on principles, transparency and ethics in line with Edhi saying his religion was “service for humanity.”

The Foundation runs on a non-commercial, non-political basis, serving without any discrimination of colour, caste, and creed; always striving to protect human rights.


The foundation is run entirely with the help of volunteers

Source: amankiasha

There are round six thousand volunteers, comprising of zonal heads, workers at several Edhi Homes, clerks at Edhi Centers, workers at maternity homes and ambulance drivers. They are some of the hardest workers and most dedicated people one could ever have the privilege of meeting.


Edhi Foundation has always been filling a large gap, providing a range of services that the government lacks to provide

Source: aramcoworld

With conducting free burial services for unclaimed dead bodies, sheltering the disabled and destitute, facilitating free dispensaries in neglected areas and rehabilitating drug addicts, the Foundation has taken on a role that, typically, the government should be more involved in. Help them to continue their outstanding work.


The Edhi Foundation needs donations so that it can continue to help

Source: Asif Hassan Via: Getty Images

For example, there exists a fleet of 1800 ambulances which receive up to 6000 calls per day all over the country. However, in a city like Karachi with a whopping 20+ million population, to cater to a vast array of emergencies is a bigger ball-game. Not only must the quantity of ambulances be focused on, but the quality.

Coca-Cola Pakistan has partnered with the Edhi Foundation this Ramazan for a fundraising campaign entitled #BottleofChange to promote and support the cause of the Foundation. Coca-Cola promises to double all donations received during the campaign.

To help continue Edhi’s mission, contribute generously to this cause:

1. Using the Coca-Cola’s #BottleOfChange or collecting #EidiforEidi in terms of gifts and dropping these at the nearest Edhi Center or at one of the 75,000 Telenor easy paisa outlets

2. Using Easypaisa to transfer money to the Edhi Foundation, Telenor has waived off all charges as their contribution to the Edhi Foundation

3. Making a direct online transfer into Edhi Foundation’s bank account.

Cover Image Source: Al-Jazeera

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola Pakistan

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