The Ultimate Guide To Ear Piercings If You Want To Experiment With Your Style Just A Tiny Bit

By Iman Zia | 4 Mar, 2017

This summer marks the comeback of the favorite flower child movement and what better way to celebrate the sunshine than with draping your ears with gorgeous piercings.


Whether you love delicate studs or larger statement jewels, adding an earring or two can make all the difference

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If you’ve already got your ears pierced, then don’t shy away from getting a few more.


Also, don’t let anyone tell you can’t get your body pierced…it’s your body, and even one piercing here and there will make you feel so sexy. If anything you’re doing it for you, not for anyone else.


If you’re a piercing newbie, then don’t worry, I got you with this guide.

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The ear is pretty complex. It consists of all sorts of odd names for different parts of it, like the tragus or conch. For piercing purposes, though, it’s best you familiarize yourself with the different parts so you can then decide where you want to pierce before we dive into the glorious combinations.

This guide will be in reference to the image below:

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Right, now that that’s out of the way, shall we get to the exciting part? Here are some cherry-picked combinations of ear piercings you have to have this summer.


The Industrial

This is probably the most daring one. It’s legit tho if you’re already a pierced li’l chica and crave the cherry on top of the cake! Go all the way with the industrial!

Via Cora Campbell

There are a wide array of industrial earrings to choose from…

Via Cosmopolitan

…And you can still pull off the cutesy Clueless look with a hearty industrial piercing…

Via Buzzfeed


Forward Helix

Possibly my favorite part to pierce, the forward helix is subtle yet exudes glamour and sultriness!

You can go for a simple stud…

Via Stylist

Or an embellished hoop!

Via WeHeartIt

Or you can be even more bold and have this gorgeous three-hole combination.

Via Stylist


The Helix

This is the most popular one with us girls. It was the first daring piercing that I remember everyone started getting in school. It’s the next part of the ear girls usually pierced after the usual lobe ones.

While studs are also a popular earring for this part…

Via Stylist

There ain’t nothing like a hoop cuddling up…

Via Stylist

…Or even two hoops!

Via Etsy


The Conch

It’s a little lower than the helix and is a more prominent part to pierce. While the helix part might get occasionally covered by your hair, the conch will be far more visible.

It’s the best place for hoops…

Via StillWithYou

And it looks even better when it’s coupled with a helix piercing…

Via Aufeminin

You can even go for a gorgeous dainty stud…

Via Hopepapworth


The Rook

It’s the perfect place for some cute li’l studs…

Via MyBodiArt

…Flower ones are the best look for the rook!

Via Debatomvermelhoo

..Or you can even go for a gorgeous arrow that cuts through it.

Via Etsy


The Daith

Kind of snuggled right in the middle of the ear, this is one piercing you definitely want to get!

While hearts are always the go-to for a perfect day earring…

Via Etsy

You can always change it if you’re painting the town red on a Friday night with a hoop like this one…

Via Stylist

…For the inner emo in you, this earring is unrivaled!

Via Hannah Poole


The Tragus

If you thrive on simplicity, then getting the tragus one is just for you!

You can keep your ear nude and just add a simple hoop…

Via Etsy

Or a stud…

Via Uberpiercings

You can even add a few piercings to your lobes along with it if you want a little more detail!

Via Buzzfeed


If you love nose piercings too, you can check out double nose piercings as a new summer trend for the fast-approaching garmiyaan, as well, if you’re willing to go even more crazy with your style experimentation.

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