Clear Your Calendars, These 13 Dramas Need To Be On Your Must-Watch List This November

By Iman Zia | 31 Oct, 2017

We really are living in quite a splendid time for Pakistani television. Dramas have never been more diverse in plotlines, more crisp in acting and more grounded. While dramas have always sturdily held ground, a soft revolution has been on the rise with a plethora of serials making their way unto Pakistani television – and the month of November is going to be a delight for all you drama aficionados, with a riveting palette of dramas making your way, so clear your calendars!


Aangan’ | ARY Digital | Date TBD

Aangan’ has production titan Six Sigma Plus behind it, (the producers who brought you ‘Dil Lagi’ and the same production company co-owned by actor Humayun Saeed). WIth a thrilling ensemble cast of the likes of Samina Ahmed, Qavi Khan and Waseem Abbas, this is one family drama that has high expectations.


Aik Thi Raniya’ | Geo | Friday, 3rd November, 8 pm

Starring Sumbal Iqbal and Syed Jibran, the teaser has the protagonists dipping in quite the glorified romance, and while at first glance its story is rather vapid, the fact that it has been produced by 7th  Sky Entertainment should tell us that this drama might just be the guilty pleasure of a marvel you’re looking for.


Aisa Hai Tanhai’ | ARY Digital | Date TBD

Starring Nadia Khan, ‘Aisa Hai Tanhai’ is an upcoming drama that marks the return of the actress to the screen after a whopping 17 years. Also starring Saba Hameed, Seemi Pasha and Sonya Hussyn, the drama will touch upon class conflict and social struggles.


Bedardi Saiyaan’ | Geo | Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 9 pm

Starring Sanam Chaudhry and Agha Ali, ‘Bedardi Saiyaan’ revolves around the story of a widowed woman who moves into her brother’s house, and how her life unfolds in the aftermath of her deceased husband. The drama is only two episodes in, so catch up quick!


Dil Nawaz’ | A Plus | Mondays, 8 pm

Unarguably the best horror drama on telly right now, ‘Dil Nawaz’ is already eight episodes in but is not too late to binge-watch to catch up. The drama stars Neelum Munir (the jinn, who goes by the name of Dil Nawaz), Wahaj Ali and Minal Khan, as the three protagonists tangled in a love triangle – with a supernatural twist. Produced by actor Aijaz Aslam, ‘Dil Nawaz’ is pure magic (quite literally).


Dar Si Jati Hai Sila’ | Hum Television Network | Date TBD

Starring Yumna Zaidi (from ‘Yeh Raha Dil’) and Noman Ejaz, the director of ‘O Rungreza‘ brings forth a raw tale of sexual abuse within the confinements of a small family. The promos have shed light particularly on both protagonists’ fine acting, and with Noman Ejaz roped in – well you’re already in for something quite spectacular.


Khaani’ | Geo | Monday, 6th November, 8 pm

Feroze Khan is the brooding antagonist with an abusive past as he stars opposite Sana Javed in ‘Khaani,’ an intense love story with a conflicting backset. The drama has been greatly anticipated, and with a heartfelt OST by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, here’s hoping the drama does not disappoint!


Khidmat Guzar’ | A Plus | Thursdays, 8 pm

Afzar Rehman plays the antagonist with dogged determination in ‘Khidmat Guzar,’ pining for Noor Khan in a dark and twisted tale. The drama has already started but you’re not too late to start!


Laal Ishq’ | A Plus | Saturdays, 8 pm

Fifteen years after ‘Landa Bazar’ premiered on Pakistani telly, ‘Laal Ishq’ serves as a nostalgic homage to the original drama. Written by the stellar Khalil-ur-Rehman, the serial has most characters reprising their roles, including the venerated and incredibly versatile Saba Hameed. The story is built on struggling to survive amidst a thriving crime and corruption infested city, and how it plagues the characters.


Malkin’ | Geo | Mondays, 8 pm

Malkin‘ is one of the most underrated dramas on television, and by far the most precious. With Maria Wasti and Alyy Khan, the story unfolds with Gulnaz as the dancer who is pursued by the rich Yawar. When Yawar brings her home to his vindictive mother, all hell breaks loose. It’s a wistful drama and pays ode to the yesteryear dramas wonderfully so; and is only six episodes in, so hurry on up!


Manto’ | Geo | Friday, 3rd November, 10 pm

The highly anticipated Sarmad Khoosat starrer ‘Manto’ will be making its television debut on November 3rd. The film adaptation will also see Sarmad star as the controversial author Saddat Hasan Manto. The ensemble cast includes Sania Saeed as his wife, Saba Qamar as Madam Noor Jehan with melodies from Ali Sethi and Zeb Bangash among others. This is one drama to make time for!


Masoom’ | Express Entertainment | Thursdays, 8 pm

The drama is loosely based on hit Bollywood 1983 film ‘Masoom,’ starring Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah. The film was critically acclaimed for its sublime storytelling, and particularly around extramarital affairs that shatter what seems like the perfect household.  It’s a heavy drama, but with a heart – and it’s only two episodes in!


Shayyad’ | Geo | Saturday, 4th November, 8 pm

Another highly awaited drama is ‘Shayyad,’ starring rockstar-turned-actor Uzair Jaswal, Sadia Khan and Noman Ejaz. Based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel of the same name, ‘Shayyad’ tells the story of unrequited love, and how it shapes the lives of the three main protagonists. The OST looks promising, and while promos have been hushed for the drama, we’ve learned to never judge a book by its cover – who knows…this could be the winning drama of the month!

Which drama are you most looking forward to this November?

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