Dr. Yasmin Rashid Says She Did Not Ban Women From Entering Punjab Civil Secretariat Without Heads Covered

By Rameeza Ahmad | 19 Oct, 2018

So Dr. Yasmin Rashid was only being thrown under the bus by the guard?


News that the Punjab Civil Secretariat was not allowing women to enter the Minister’s Block without having their heads covered has been making rounds on the internet for the last two days.


The issue first came to light after Noor Imran, who had a meeting with a Minister, tweeted about being stopped from entering the Punjab Civil Secretariat

and while she wore appropriate clothing (shalwar kameez) she was not allowed to enter the premises because she did not have a dupatta. After a little back and forth with the officials, she borrowed her colleague’s dupatta and put it on her shoulder. But this wasn’t enough either and she was asked to cover her head but she went ahead anyway while the staff protested mildly.


The next day, Noor’s colleague who was even wearing a dupatta faced the same issue and she even made a recording of her interaction with the staff.


The security personnel can be heard in the video naming Dr. Yasmin Rashid as being one of the Ministers who has made the orders to not let any woman who does not have her head covered into the premises.

And since Dr. Yasmin Rashid is a prominent figure and PTI politician, people immediately called her out for this sexist policy.


But according to the official PTI account on Twitter, this is fake news and Dr. Yasmin Rashid has not given any such orders.


Dr. Rashid also tweeted saying she’s issuing a show cause notice to the guard who named her in the video circulating regarding the matter


While the tweet removes responsibility for this rule from Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the issue still remains that another Minister did indeed have this rule be implemented. So who was it? Because the tweet does not negate the fact that the rule was actually imposed in the first place. And it is also concerning that the security personnel lied and used Dr. Yasmin Rashid’s name to make the female visitors comply.

What do you think about this entire situation? Let us know in the comments.


Women Are Calling Bullshit After Being Stopped From Entering Punjab Civil Secretariat Without Dupatta On Their Heads



Pakistanis’ Response To Politicians Making Sexist Remarks About Women Is Heartening But Will We Really Hold Them Accountable?


Cover Image Source: @ButtSidra via Twitter.com/newstv.pk

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