18 Things You Can Relate To If You Absolutely Do NOT Like Rain

By Hurmat Riaz | 15 Jul, 2017

When you’re one of those who don’t like rain at all

Rain is that one phenomenon which makes everyone giddy and dance in joy that finally everything is going to be fresh, green and clean again. If you’re someone who actually likes rain then you should read this instead of the sad post that’s here. But we all know that there are some downsides to it which make people dislike it. It might sound crazy but here are some reasons which turn you into someone who despises rain.


1. As the clouds start approaching you know it’s going to be a damp day and you don’t like rain

You don’t only hate the word moist but also things that are moist.

don't like rain clouds
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2. The graying sky starts making you feel gray and gloomy too.

It feels like everything is dark and sad. The sky is crying so you’re crying as well.

don't like rain wet
Source: Rumbo Recorders


3. While everyone else is preparing to celebrate the downpour from the sky, you start dreading the aftermath of it.

You know it’s going to be a lot of mess after rain.

Source: BBC TV


4. You know that it’ll be humid after rain and just thinking about it makes you upset.

Why don’t people see it?

don't like rain lilo and stitch
Source: Walt Disney Pictures


5. There’s always one crazy rain lover around you who is so excited that it is going to rain.

And you cannot handle it.

Source: Hum TV Productions


6. They would be dancing and jumping in the rain.

They are taking gazillion pictures and uploading it everywhere and snapchatting every other minute under the #rain and you would just be staring at them that why are they so much excited.

don't like rain dancing
Source: Madras Talkies


7. Everything is wet, soggy and damp and you don’t like it.

And you know it’s going to take long to dry everything up.

don't like rain cheetah
Source: NAT Geo Wild


8. You’ve to cancel all your going out plans because it’s raining.

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.

don't like rain sad joey
Source: NBC


9. There are puddles of water everywhere and you’re scared that your clothes and shoes will get ruined.

Walking around has never been that difficult before.

Source: Studio Ghibli


10. If you’re out on the street, there’s a high chance that a fast approaching car will ruin your clothes and ultimately your mood and day.

Source: brandsynario.com


11. The weather gets too unpredictable.

It might get a little cold for a while and you get confused to choose your outfit for the day.

Source: harpalgeo.tv


12. You keep on checking the weather app to see signs of a sunny day.

If the week is full of signs of fluctuating weather, you get annoyed as fuck.

Source: The Walt Disney Company India


13. Choosing shoes for the day also becomes extra stress for your mind.

You groan with annoyance when you realize that it just rained and you are wearing open shoes.

Via: Tumblr


14. You know roads will be blocked due to the poor water drainage system.

The roads are flooded with water and there’s a high chance of traffic jam. (Sorry, Karachi)

Source: thebigwobble.org


15. There’s one thing that is bound to happen during rain and it’s LOAD-SHEDDING.

Don’t forget load-shedding. There’ll be plenty of it.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


16. You’re shit scared of thunder and lightning.

And you need someone to calm you down during all that storm.

Source: Working Title Films


17. If it rains at night, you know the day is going to be hot, warm and humid and you don’t like that at all.

Source; Saga Music


18. You just wish it could be bright and sunny all year long.

So you could go out and have a great day without all this hassle!

Source: ARY Films

Are you also the sort of person who doesn’t like rain? Tell us in the comments!


Cover Image via:@tumsemilkay / Storgram.com

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