23 Things Only People With An Old Soul AKA “Buddhi Rooh” Will Understand

By Astarte | 9 Mar, 2017

An old soul isn’t someone who relishes in quietness. Nor is an old soul someone who finds delight in sitting back, watching life pass them by. An old soul isn’t someone who hates adventure or excitement. Rather, an old soul is one who feels trapped in a young body.

An old soul wants to truly live every moment they experience. You’ll feel patience and tranquility ooze out of them. A sense of stillness and calmness befalls you around the presence of an old soul. Being an old soul is a rarity, and here are 23 things you’ll only understand if you’re one too.


1. You’re always curious because you’re an old soul that seeks to understand the world

You love asking questions and live in continual wonderment.

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2. You don’t care about worldly things and are content with whatever little you have.

You don’t care for gifts. You don’t really want too many clothes, nor do you want more than the basics. An old soul loves the little things in life and desires nothing but time and attention from the one they love.

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3. Instead of taking selfies an old soul likes to experience every moment and remember it.

You’ll trace out each and every moment. You pine to see and experience everything and anything.

Source: ARY Films


4. You love adventure and unpredictability.

You thrive in adventure, but want to soak in every part of it and make it as meaningful as you can.

Source: Showcase Productions


5. As an old soul you try your best to finish everything you set your heart to.

Everything is done harbored with great inquisitiveness. It’s all or nothing for you in every aspect of you life.

Source: ARY Films


6. You prefer time without technology because as on old soul you like doing things the old way.

You appreciate the importance of phones, but you also want nothing more than to hold the hand of the one you love, rest your head on their shoulder and savor the warmth.

Source: ARY Films


7. You love harder than most.

An old soul is passionate. You believe in soulmates and you believe in the timeliness of the universe.

Via: Tumblr


8. As an old soul you crave meaning in everything you do.

You don’t want to go out for the sake of going out, nor do you want to do things just because you’re ‘supposed to.’

Source: A & B Entertainment


9. Everything has to feel right for you and you and your old soul aren’t afraid of being different.

You beat to a different drum and rely on how you feel to lead you through life. Peer pressure is a stranger in an old soul’s dictionary.

Source: Hum Network Limited


10. You give everything to the one you love because your old soul knows worldly possession don’t matter as long as your special someone’s happy

In the hullabaloo of distractions in such a fast-paced world, you’ll want nothing more than to just be alone with the one you love. Even if it’s just for a few seconds; a few seconds of peace.

Source: Showcase Productions


11. You prosper on deep, meaningful connections, especially with another old soul.

You’re good listeners. You give people you care about your all. Relationships for you are always prioritized and invested in.

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12. You see the world in a different light.

A flower, a warm summer night or even watching the one you love laugh are things you will never fail to cherish.

Source: Hum Network Limited


13. You ooze out emotional intimacy as an old soul.

When everything’s a storm, it’s the peace you emanate that is the best company. You carry with you a sense of stillness. You always try and see the bigger picture in all things.

Source: IRK Films


14. You’re sensitive.

You hurt easy, but you aren’t vindictive. You’ll try and see things from their eyes.

Source: IRK Films


15. As an old soul you’re very contemplative and genuine.

You would never intentionally hurt someone. You will always strive for what is best, and will always push the one you love to be the best possible version they can be.

Via: Tumblr


16. You’re actually rather childlike.

You look at the world with such reverence, wonder and undying adoration.

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17. You don’t understand modern dating.

You prefer old fashion gestures and chivalry.

Source: Oriental Films


18. Honesty is innate for you.

You will be brutal and savage when it comes to being honest. You will be questioned because of this, but it is what makes you the most trustworthy. An old soul will never let the ones they love down.

Source: Hum Network Limited


19. You will have trouble relating to people of the same age all thanks to your old soul.

You feel slightly out of place with most peers. You’re a recluse who will only attach to very few people; people you look at like they’re home.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


20. Someone’s happiness brings you happiness.

You decipher things a little deeper than most, and you’ll always do more.

Via: Tumblr


21. As an old soul you wear your heart on your sleeve.

You will never shy away from being your true self once you trust someone. You will always express yourself, only because you value that person so much.

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22. You try to fix people because you care for their lives.

You will be your backbone and rock in trying times if they let you. They just have to give you a chance.

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23. You will always be there for someone you care about. 


Via: Tumblr


Are you an old soul?


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