Do Not Trust Declan Walsh and His Article About Axact

Do Not Trust Declan Walsh and His Article About Axact

Do Not Trust Declan Walsh and His Article About Axact

Axact, a software company, has recently been in the spot light after an article about it was published in New York Times by Declan Walsh. To save Pakistan from being tainted once again by a foreign invader, it’s important to learn more about this manipulator.


Declan Walsh, a New York Times journalist, is more than what meets the eye. He was the New York Times bureau chief of Pakistan, until he was given the persona non-grata status in 2013 for undesirable activities. In other words, he was told to pack his bags and leave because well you know…undesirable activities. And that’s all that was told.


And one should trust the Pakistani government, especially when it comes to these things. It’s not like they’ve ever been wrong about anything or tried to hide anything. This really is a free country! Yeah, okay, Pakistan did ban a whole channel for questioning an institution’s head, but what’s wrong with that? One simply cannot question the armed forces and intelligence agencies when they are busy protecting the country’s interests, toppling governments, spying on people,  or simply bombing India. The important part is they protect the national interest.


But back to Declan Walsh – so who exactly is he and why shouldn’t you trust him?

Source: PBS


1. Well firstly, Declan Walsh is either a RAW or C.I.A agent (maybe even both)

Source: Pakistan Ka Khudda Haffiz

Plus, when you don’t have anything just blame India!


2. He questioned the Pakistani government with regards to their policy on Balochistan.

Source: The Guardian

One simply cannot question the government about Balochistan. It’s better if one doesn’t mention it at all. #SomePakistaniFreedoms


3- After a little while he was given the Persona Non-Grata status for undesirable activities – basically a very undesirable chap.

Source: Fan Pop

Maybe these “undesirable activities” had to do with questioning the situation in Balochistan or the rise of extremism even in Pakistan’s political ground. These are  all very wrong and bad things to question for a journalist. Basic Pakistan journalism 101 Declan?


4. He questioned the integrity of Pakistan.

Source: Hamza Ghaznavi / MangoBaaz

How dare a foreign national challenge one of Pakistan’s institution? Or worse, try to stain the Nation’s image which is so awe-inspiring right now.


5. He’s against education.

Source: New York Times

Can’t you see, if this is proved only God knows how many people will be deemed frauds rather than graduates? As the wise Nawab Akbar Raisani said,”Degree degree hoti hai, jali ho yah asli!”


6. He works for a firm which is aligned with Express News.

express yahodi 2
Source: Express News / Facebook

One of the comments read: “Wtf are you trying to prove, don’t make a negative image of Pakistan to the world. I know there are some violence matters, inshaALLAH Pakistanis are going to make them right but plz show the positive image instead of negative”.


express yahodi 1

Another person accusing E.T of taking the side of Shite Muslims


express yahodi
Source: Facebook

One user claimed E.T was defaming Pakistan and spreading hatred by this report


Just look at the news they are publishing. It’s not Express News’ job to educate Pakistanis about global and local affairs. They’re a news agency and should act like one. Tell Pakistanis more about what Ayaan does in Adiyala Jail – things that are of greater importance.


6. Also because Kamran Khan said so.

The New York Times has a personal vendetta against Pakistan, constantly trying to make Pakistanis doubt national heroes and symbols of pride. Okay, maybe there was a military coup here and there, an economic downfall, funding of extremist groups to satisfy a certain king or a few dozen corruption cases, but other than that a stellar job!


Next, let’s look at Axact and why they should be trusted.


1. Axact is the “World’s Leading IT Company” – catering to mostly small and medium sized businesses.

Source: Axact

Apparently, they’re better than small companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Samsung, Intel. The list is extremely large so hopefully you get the idea.


2. Even though Axact is a muli-million dollar company, their CEO falls on the lower end of the income bracket.

What a trustworthy person – he pays his taxes!

Like a great leader, Shoaib Sheikh expressed to his employees that he wishes to be richer than Bill Gates. For someone with such high aspirations, it’s inspiring to see how little money he makes!


3. Axact is about to open a news network, Bol.

Source: Bol

or, as it’s been recognized in the last few days, LOL.

Source: Khulatazaad

Bol (Or Lol) is supposedly going to be the biggest news enterprise Pakistan has ever seen. So it’s all the more important that an organization that will most definitely shape the views and perceptions of Pakistanis regarding major events should not be questioned. Because apparently Pakistanis like to be told to think a certain way. Ignorance is truly a bliss.


4. Axact has brought a one-stop solution for education.

Source: All Posters

Your whole family can be certified degree holders in a matter of weeks. Look how productive this will be for everyone – students wouldn’t have to waste their precious time learning stuff. Instead, they can utilize it on other fraudulent ventures. One day, there might even have a new born with a Doctorate degree.


5. Their digital prints are on dozens of allegedly scam university sites.

Source: Barkley University

Maybe it was an elaborate charity scheme to earn money for the poor.  So maybe in the end it was all for the needy.


6. And they gave a response to the allegations! Now that’s leading from the front… well somewhat at least.

“Axact condemns this story as baseless, substandard, maligning and defamatory. It has been published without taking the company’s point of view in perspective. The defamatory article published on 18th May, 2015, today’s events and their derogatory portrayal by the media proves that this is a massive conspiracy by the seths of the Pakistani media industry to defame BOL and Axact and derail the launch of BOL. Employees and their families were terrorized to disrupt the operations of Axact. The scale of this conspiracy becomes clear by the fact that the media owners even fell to the extent of spreading negativity among BOLwalas via SMSs and emails. New joinees of BOL were suggested to wait and think upon their decision as further malicious campaigns are lined up.”


Okay, maybe their response didn’t count for much.


7. They love to sue anything that moves or tweets.

tea house
Source: Express Tribune
On a serious note now, one doesn’t have to trust Declan Walsh to realize they’re something dubious happening at Axact offices. Individuals from Axact cannot be exempt from criticism so that a so-called positive image of Pakistan can be portrayed. The actions of these individuals is extremely detrimental to the development and progress of Pakistanis. The most unfortunate point of the expose should be that it was done by a foreigner and not by a Pakistani.



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