Here's Why “Diyar-e-Dil” Will Always Be The Most Beautiful Symbol Of Pure Love In A Family

By Iman Zia | 13 Oct, 2017

‘Diyar-e-Dil’ was utterly brilliant, with impeccable acting, crisp writing and a story line that left moral imprints so grounded, the drama quickly served as a basket of life lessons for myself. And while the drama shone on so many fronts, it was the distressing relationship between the two brothers, Behroze and Suhaib that served as the paragon of a moral didactic compass.

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The reserved family, led by head of the house and father Agha Jaan was closely knit, and it’s like nothing could ever tear them apart

While Behroze and younger brother Suhaib loved one another possibly more than life itself, the entire house brimmed with an exhilarating joy. However, a disconcerting decision made by Behroze alters the entire family, after he falls in love with Ruhina, a girl from a relatively poorer background. Agha Jaan, who had arranged Behroze’s marriage to cousin Arjumand cannot fathom it. He immediately kicks Behroze out, little knowing what this unsettling resolution would bring forth for the rest of their lives – in particular, the toll it would have on the two brothers.

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It’s awful really, but you cannot help the one you love – and Behroze is precisely banished for it

All the while, a helpless Suhaib cannot do anything. He tries to stop Behroze and fails miserably so in an emphatic scene whereby Behroze storms out of their magnificent Northern haveli after being expelled by Agha Jaan. As the elder of the family, everyone watches in absolute dismay and disbelief.

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Suhaib endlessly tries persuading Behroze to do as Agha Jaan wants, not because he knows it’s the right thing, but because it will prevent such indescribable ripples through his family

It is the rigidness of ‘what should be’ that ripped the family apart and separated Behroze from his loved ones. Behroze cannot bare marrying Arjumand for he loves someone else. For Suhaib, it wasn’t about whose side he was on; for Suhaib rather, the most important thing that he savored was family.

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Suhaib unwilling to not abide by his father marries  a broken Arjumand instead

While Behroze marries the woman he loves, Suhaib settles for Arjumand after his father declares it his wish. For Suhaib, disrespecting his father was out of the question; no matter how appalling and unjust he might be. You see, Suhaib is simple. He’s very much a family man, so much so it’s a bit upsetting at times, yet his heart of pure honey is agonizing to watch disintegrate as he spends his life in the memory of his beloved brother.

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The beauty of the drama lay in the unpredictably it held, with Suhaib and Arjumand who first despised one another, fall deeper in love as the years progress

This is in parallel to Behroze and Ruhina, who gradually fall apart, for the past is very unforgiving. Behroze cannot let go of his father and brother and lives in quiet agony. Ruhina grows resentful over the family who exiled her and her husband, and when she bursts one day, he warns her to never foulmouth Suhaib or his father ever again. Insomnia often plagues Behroze, and when his daughter is born, he calls Agha Jaan to deliver the good news but hangs up after a montage of his painful past slaps him.

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And all the while, the proliferating anger within Behroze becomes rather disturbing, and we see him mirror a similar rage to his father

Suhaib has lost someone so dear to him, yet he still is determined to fix it all. He spends years visiting Behroze (who is cold and distant) and meets him with the same kindness and warmth he has always held. Suhaib does not have a mean bone in his body and is highly unaware of what an ego is. He really is so wonderful, and all he wants his for his brother to return; that’s all he has ever pined for. Suhaib spends his days reminiscing about the wistful past he had with his brother.

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On the day his son is born, Suhaib spends the entire night in agony

This scene was breathtaking and frankly, deserves an accolade. Suhaib walks into his brother’s empty room and sees Behroze sitting at his desk. Behroze’s comforting words resonate profoundly within Suhaib, who breaks down; “haan, nahi lagta dil,” when Behroze asks him why Suhaib’s always lingering in his room.

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Suhaib was suffering from grief, loss, and sorrow

Behroze wasn’t dead, but that’s honestly what it felt like. He grieved the loss of his brother for years, but also kept a wary eye over him – often depositing money into Behroze’s bank account, and springing up surprise visits because without Behroze, Suhaib was nothing. When news reaches of the birth of Behroze’s daughter, Suhaib rushes over but is dismissed once again by Behroze. Still, Suhaib bids his goodbye in the same collected, loving manner.

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It was harrowing to witness, and if you’ve ever felt the loss of someone you love, then the heaviness Suhaib feels is all too relatable

Suhaib is constantly turned back by an incredibly cruel Behroze, but comes and goes with the same undying calmness and love; never once does Suhaib raise his voice, and always meets Behroze with anything but adoring affection. It’s like Suhaib’s heart was imploding with love for Behroze; it was evident in the way he gave body and soul to vowing to bring Behroze back home one day.

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Years pass, and Suhaib is still an unwelcome guest for Behroze

Both have aged rather gracefully, and Suhaib has fallen into a cycle of relaying to Behroze how he should come home. This meeting was rather different, for it would be the last time Behroze sees his brother. Before he leaves, Suhaib asks, “Aur agar mein mar gaya, tab bhi haveli nahi aaogaye?” Behroze cannot tolerate the thought of Suhaib dead, but his ego has blurred all horizons. A parallel theme occurs here, as it did at the start of the drama; when Behroze is banished, he pulls Suhaib in for a hug before he leaves. Here, Suhaib pulls Behroze in as a last attempt, before crying out how much he loves his older brother. Behroze brushes him off, insisting he’s making a mockery of himself and leaves.

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Suhaib’s last few encounters occur with his most treasured people; his wife, his father, and his brother and dies after his mission is at long last completed

While Suhaib is unable to persuade Behroze, his latter two conversations with Arjumand and Agha Jaan are incredible. He’s acting rather different, asking Arjumand if he’s made her happy and if he’s made any mistakes with her. Tears of joy befall him later in the evening when he approaches Agha Jaan one last time to forgive Behroze. It is at this point when Agha Jaan agrees that we realize Suhaib’s mission is complete. Suhaib shortly dies after having suffered a heart attack, around the same time Behroze awakens from feeling incredibly sick. They’re connected; they’re one.

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Behroze and Agha Jaan are both stricken with guilt, disbelief and excruciating pain – highlighting the imperfection of life…you don’t get second chances

Agha Jaan forgave Behroze afterward, but Suhaib would never live to witness this. Behroze held a grudge for so long, it destroyed Suhaib who still never gave up on him. Learning to forgive came too late, as did realizing that life does not come with a bout of second chances. Behroze went through the years thinking life was not bound by time, and instead was infinite. His wrath broke Suhaib, and was one of the reasons for his death; the stress was all too much.

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Suhaib had the purest of loves and the rarest; it was selfless

You can learn a lot from Suhaib, and I urge you to watch the drama with a careful lense. Learn to never be upset at someone you love, especially someone who loves you, expecting nothing in return. Never think that life is invincible, and never feel like time will forever be at standstill. Behroze was lucky; he was bestowed upon by the rarest diamond – a selfless love, in the form of his brother.

And if you happen to be the very few to be given a selfless love, then do not ever take it for granted – you’re one of the lucky ones.

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