Diplo Rocked Islamabad Last Night and it was Epic

By MangoBaaz Studio | 28 Feb, 2016

If you live in Islamabad, then you already know that Diplo was in the city this weekend. And if you didn’t already know… really?


In case you didn’t know *sigh*, Diplo is an American DJ, record producer, and one-third the talent behind Major Lazer.

You might have heard “Lean on” recently (it’s only been played 1.17 billion times on YouTube)


Yesterday, Diplo took over Islamabad and lit it up (probably for the first time…sorry Islamabad but you know it’s true).

Can't wait for diplo #Islamabad

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He did his research well and even played “Amplifier”

#Diplo in the capital! AMPLIFIER! ✨✨ PC: @mehreenreuters

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And of course, he played “Lean On”.

Why wouldn’t he?

#Diplo drove the crowd crrraaazy tonight in #Islamabad ✨✨✨ #LeanOn PC: @mehreenreuters

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And the crowd absolutely loved it

You see this picture and realize how much you missed out on last night.

And if you’re not already a fan of Diplo…

I spent 24 hours in Islamabad… Meeting young musicians, new fans, students, embassy folks, parents, artists, security guards, cricket players & bootleggers… I drank a lot of tea ate some amazing food and smoked part of a hash brick that looked like it could kill a small elephant. A few hours later I played a concert in the city in a beautiful amphitheater in a park for so many awesome kids that knew all the music. I couldn't believe it.. At the end of the show everyone backstage gave me hugs and hi fives and told me it was a good time but it didn't feel normal. I almost felt like crying because here we all were at the end of the show with our peace signs in the air at the end of the concert doing something that might be arbitrary for us … On any Saturday night.. We do it every weekend and we don't realize it's a privilege.. For these kids from Islamabad Lahore or Karachi or the countryside this is the first time they have ever done that and it might not happen again for a long time. But tonight everyone danced and sang together and wished for a better future and maybe it might make it easier for it to happen. Thanks so much for inviting me ??✌️

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You have to respect Diplo because the guy didn’t just fly in, do his show and leave.

He actually went around the city to see the sights. If you were following him on Snapchat, you’d have seen him

2016-02-27 16.29.36

He made sure to have some lassi

Max points for cultural awareness and integration

2016-02-27 16.23.28

Met some fans in the city

2016-02-27 16.30.53


Of course, he went to Hot Spot as well.

Hot Spot probably won’t be spending money on advertising for a while after this.

2016-02-27 16.28.09


And he was particularly intrigued by one picture 

pussy aunty


But let’s not forget our local boys, Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi.  

Huge shoutout to them for making this happen. Also, follow their music if you’re not doing so already.

And if you were there last night and have something to add? Let us know… in the comments section below (hey that rhymes).


This article is sponsored by Radio 1 FM 91, the Official Radio Partner for Diplo in Islamabad. Radio 1 FM91 prides itself as a platform for the youth and not only plays music but stands for music without barriers; change without rebellion, and information sans an agenda. They’ve been in the music industry for quite some time and have left behind noticeable tracks, interviewing Nelly Furtado, Kerry Hilson, and Jay Sean in the past.

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