These Differently Abled Men Manage This Food Stall In Islamabad And It's Honestly Incredible

By Noor | 2 Feb, 2019

There are many communities that are often neglected in society. Empowering this faction of differently abled individuals with the aid of education and employment has always remained an important issue. We have already seen a couple of reforms, but flawed implementation has been a huge source of hindrance. Despite this, there are people who continue to storm their way through all the hardships.

This food stall located in F-6 Markaz, Islamabad is an example of the same. It is owned by eight people who are of different ages but the similarity which binds them is the fact that all of them cannot speak or hear.

Source: Aadarsh Ayaz/Facebook

They have been earning through this stall for two years now.

The Capital Development Authority(CDA) removed their stall once or twice due to the permit issues but later this problem got resolved.

Source: Aadarsh Ayaz/Facebook

As stated by the source, these eight people met in a school for special education, called National Special Education Centre (NSEC).

They are all really good friends and, together. they came up with this idea of food stall. The eight people involved include Ali Raza, Shahzad, Mudassar, Nadeem, Imran, Ahmed, Mazhar and Mobeen. They’re all of varying ages, with the youngest being Ali Raza and the eldest being Imran.

The food stall serves a delicious variety of fast food items, which includes different types of fries and burgers.

They serve a special chocolate brownie too.

Source: Aadarsh Ayaz/ Facebook

Aadarsh Ayaaz visited this stall upon a suggestion by his friend and he posted about this on Facebook too.

He stated that the stall was pretty well-maintained. Moreover, he recommended that others visit this stall as the food is of great quality and the prices are reasonable.

Source: Aadarsh Ayaz/ Facebook

In his conversation with MangoBaaz, Aadarsh said,”All my communication skills failed to breach that barrier of silence. I wish I knew sign language.” He also said that he is glad that the stall owners are getting famous for their hard work.

Here’s his complete Facebook post:

We parked in the Markaz by the sports court and this decent young man comes to our window. Politely waits to see if we…

Gepostet von Aadarsh Ayaz am Samstag, 26. Januar 2019

Abey Khao is another cafe based upon a similar concept

This cafe is also run by deaf and mute individuals and it aims to bridge the communication gap by promoting sign language. It’s located in I-8/1, Islamabad.

Let’s break the barriers – if we can learn your language, so can you!

Gepostet von Abey KHAO am Samstag, 26. Januar 2019

Efforts like these should get their due appreciation to ensure that everyone strives hard to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goals. So, did you like their idea? Are you planning to visit these food stalls? What did you like the most about the whole concept? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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Cover image via Facebook/Aadarsh Ayaz

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