Dhabas (And Restaurants) Around Lahore That Serve The Yummiest Daal Maash In The City

By Sinwan Zahid | 7 Mar, 2018

Daal maash, that one dish we think about when we remember ammi ka khaana. Many times when we’re quite sick of eating meat, we browse through options and options and it never occurs to us that something like daal maash exists at restaurants and dhabas too.

We’ve compiled a list of a few restaurants and dhabas in Lahore you definitely need to go to with your friends and family for a healthy, hearty meal with garma garam rotis:


Gourmet Grill, Phase 3 & 4, DHA

I’d pass their stuffed chicken breast for this daal.

Source: kfoods.com


Chatkhara, H Block DHA

Halwa puri who? Chatkhara has daal maash acharidaal maash makhan, so gimme some of this daal.

Source: myartofcookingandbaking.wordpress.com


Haji Hotel, Samanabad

Samanabad walay swear by Haji Hotel ki daal maash. That’s the only reason why you should check it out!

Source: dailyanytime.com


Latif Hotel, Copper Road Lakshmi Chowk

If you’re ever around this area, Latif Hotel ki daal khaana banta hai.

Source: Masala House/Facebook


Carry Home Restaurant, Beadon Road

And finish it off with ice cream from Chaman, wah!

Source: Atif Shahzad/Facebook


I-N Canal Restaurant near Muslim Town

Punjab University students and Canal Restaurant, inseparable.

Source: Rana Muneeb/Facebook



Qabail knows its daal, especially with tons of makhan. Yum.

Source: Qabail/Facebook


New Haji Waris Khan Hotel, Multan Road

Yummy in my tummy.

Source: Aisha Jamshed/Facebook


Bundu Khan

Source: CookWithMeryem/Facebook


We all love a nicely cooked daal maash, with its flavorful spices and buttery texture. When you see it served with coriander, tarka garnishings, you come to life as soon as the aroma hits your nose. No, quite literally. The internet suggests this daal is a perfect cure to mardana kamzori and apparently gives you taaqat. LOL, I’m laughing very very much.


Here it is, our list of the best places for the absolute best daal maash in Lahore! Let us know in the comments if your favorite maash ki daal restaurant isn’t here.


13 Of The Tastiest Dhabas In Lahore That Won’t Leave You Kangaal AF


Cover image via: kfoods.com

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