DHA Karachi Tried To Shut Down Some Chai Dhaabas And Everything's A Mess Now

By Ather Ahmed | 26 Jul, 2017

Dhaabas in Karachi, particularly the ones in Chota Bukhari, have developed quite a fan base over the past couple years. They somewhat became the go-to spot for not just the people in DHA but other areas as well to consume chai and other nibbles in a relatively safer, cleaner environment than the regular dhaaba.


When DHA vigilance teams reportedly razed these dhaabas it raised quite a few eyebrows

Via: Facebook

A few dhaaba owners had, earlier, complained that DHA was constantly harassing them. One of them complained that despite paying green belt tax to CBC this happened. Lets just say that the owners were not happy. They do plan to file a case against DHA.


So naturally some people voiced their displeasure over the act

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


However, there were some that supported DHA’s move

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


The residents of Chota Bukhari were particularly pleased with the decision. According to them these dhaabas had caused a ruckus in the vicinity. One of them told the Express Tribune that the traffic and noise cause inconvenience for the residents.


One dhaaba in another neighborhood of Karachi pounced on the opportunity to market their place

Source: Studio 7teas / Facebook


Studio 7 teas is a dhaaba located in Federal B Area Karachi. Quite far from DHA. Like really far. Like “I don’t wanna go their cause I am too burger” far. Some would say it’s unethical marketing. Some would call it a well deserved win for people living pull kay uss par.


Pretty soon there were reports that dhaabas were open for business again

Source: Arsalan Sheikh / Facebook

So there is a high chance that only those that were located on Chota Bukhari including Chai Wala and Chai Shai were closed. Pictures propped up on social media of certain dhaabas still operating.

So yeah, we are just as confused as you are. Let us know the latest happenings in this regard down in the comments.


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