DG ISPR Just Dragged “Chowkidar” Sushma Swaraj For Yet Another U-Turn In India's Statement & Trolls Are Coming At Her

By Noor | 19 Apr, 2019

It seems like the Indian revelations about their “air strikes” in Pakistan will never end. Indian authorities had asserted that in response to the Pulwama attack, they had “destroyed” a terror camp in Balakot which also led to a high death toll.


India’s initial claim regarding Balakot strikes has just been contradicted by their own foreign minister

Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs for India, stated that no Pakistani soldier or civilian was killed by Balakot airstrike. Swaraj issued a statement which is obviously contradictory to all the prior statements made by the Indian authorities. She explained that though the strikes happened but no casualty was caused as a result.


DG ISPR promptly responded to the ‘new’ statement by maintaining Pakistan’s original stance and ‘appreciated’ the Indian Minister for finally accepting the truth

He also urged Ms. Swaraj to review Indian claims regarding F-16, air strike 2016 and the denial of the shot-down of IAF jets by PAF. He added to his statement by saying that truth always prevails and this is what has happened in this situation too.


Like DG ISPR, Pakistani people couldn’t hold back and they unleashed some trolling toward the Indian minister


Pakistanis were happy that Ms. Swaraj was finally issuing authentic statements


Many even asked India to decide once and for all what their final statement on the matter is


A few summarized the humiliating situation for India

They clearly mentioned that how the situation has been morphed into Pakistan’s favor.


They even asserted that more Indian “truth bombs” are on their way and soon the Indian authorities will reveal that NO F-16 was shot down by IAF either

The response by DG ISPR is being appreciated by all. While most of the Pakistanis are happy to see the paradigmatic shift in the Indian claims, a lot of people are equally prepared for further u-turns in the Indian statement. Similar to DG ISPR, Pakistanis are urging the Indian authorities to review their claims over previous air strikes as well.

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