DG ISPR Is Having A Hilarious Phadda With An Indian Politician Over A Song And This Is Exactly Why Internet Was Invented

By Manahil | 15 Apr, 2019

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, said Charles Caleb. And it looks like one Indian politician took the phrase to heart because he not just “imitated” a Pakistani song, he literally carbon copied it.


Recently, Indian politician, Raja Singh announced a new song, which he dedicated to the Indian armed forces. But, he clearly stole a Pakistani patriotic song which was released by the ISPR

Source: thenewsminute.com

The original song, called “Pakistan Zindabad” was released this past March 23rd (specifically written by Sahir Ali Bagga). And what’s even more funny, he tried to pass it off as his own. Good God, help me. Can it get any worse? You guys can probably anticipate what happened.


But before we go into everything, you guys should hear the two side by side for yourselves


Similar? You bet. Only a couple of words were changed including Pakistan to Hindustan.


You can always expect Pakistanis to have the best comebacks, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor took it to heart and called out the Indian politician

Oof. Hit the nail on the head.


But it didn’t make Raja Singh feel as ashamed as we thought the Indian politician might have

NOPE. He lashed back and it’s actually pretty unbelievable.

Pretty surreal to say the least but what can you expect from a nation who also lied about fake air strikes. In his video message after everyone called him out, the BJP leader said, “Pakistan’s media is upset over Hindustan Zindabad being copied from Pakistan but we have been releasing a new song every year since 2010.” Er – what even? Whether or not you’ve been releasing songs since 2010, this was plagiarized. He even went on to name a couple of songs adding, “we don’t need to copy Pakistani songs. India has the best singers and writers.” LOL. Well, if that were true, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

For Raja Singh who thinks India doesn’t “need” to copy Pakistani songs, here are “All The Bollywood Songs You Didn’t Realize Were Actually Copied From Pakistani Songs”, you’re welcome.


No worries though, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor kept his cool and replied with utmost calmness


Others though, aren’t being as cool-headed as our DG ISPR and got a little more enthusiastic

Truth be told, we can’t disagree.


But honestly, the funniest thing about this whole thing are the public’s comments.


And my personal favorite…

Pakistan is more than happy to be a source of inspiration for those who are in need of creativity. Just be sure to remember where you got inspired from, Raja sahab.



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Cover image via: arynews.tv / geo.tv

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