13 Desi Totkay That'll Actually Help You Survive The Bhook And Pyaas During Your Roza

By Maham Lari | 26 May, 2019

Desi totkay for an easy roza

Okay, guys. In the wise words of that kid who goes viral the same time each year: Ramazan aya, roza rakho jee. But to keep these rozas, we need the right kinda fuel. Now, we’ve all heard of totkas to get us through the day without feeling hungry, thirsty or tired. Here are a few desi totkas that might help you out:

(Disclaimer: We haven’t tried most of them, but we think we might as well give these a shot given the task at hand.


1. One of the most interesting desi totkay for an easy roza involve the use of lehsan?

According to this totka, eating two or three garlic cloves is going to keep us strong and not make us feel thirsty. Now, we just need to figure out how to consume lehsan in this form. Also – genuine concern – is this healthy?

Source: perkkart.com


2. Cardamom seeds ki madad lo

Eating seeds of three cardamoms right after Sehri will help you quench your thirst and also not make your mouth dry.

Source: silkroadspices.ca


3. Have cardamom tea

This one seems far easier than eating the seeds raw. Might just give this a whirl, tbh. Seems promising.

Source: thefeedfeed.com


4. Honey in water is another of the plenty of desi totkay for an easy roza

Two tablespoons of honey in water and you’re good to go without water all day. Almost sounds too good to be true.

Source: lifealth.com


5. You might have heard of tukhum malanga to help you out and this is one of those desi totkay for an easy roza that actually works

Swallow some basil seeds with a glass of water and wait for the miracle to happen.

Source: Demand of youth / YouTube


6. This one’s easy: fill up on some good ol’ lassi 

Apparently, it keeps you super full. And we kinda get why. Plus this one is easy since lot’s of people LOVE lassi.  

Source: bigstockphoto.com


7. Having some khajoor but in odd numbers is another of the desi totkay for an easy roza you might not expect but it works

Sounds ~odd~ I know. Lol. But apparently, eating those dates in odd numbers is bound to relieve you of hunger and thirst throughout the day.

Source: S Marina/ Shutterstock


8. Load up on the kishmish 

Tossing those three to four kishmish in your tummy at Sehri will help you get rid of the thirst all day. Matlab, keh rahe hain toh must be worth a try.

Source: attarayurveda.com


9. Apparently, rose petal jam will also do the trick

Hmm. Not totally liking this one but oh well, who can question the dadis and nanis?

Source: feastingathome.com


10. One of the most commonly known desi totkay for an easy roza is using yogurt because it actually works

Take out that thanda thanda yogurt jar from your fridge and just gobble it up. It helps keep thirst at bay.

Source: shrinathdham.com


11. Coconut water is as good as gold

This one we can do. We already know how good coconut is for literally everything.

Source: nutriplanet.org


12. Bid all the masala good-bye

Good-bye spicy chips, salty olives, spicy biryanis, qormas, and literally anything with the slightest semblance of masala. We’ll meet again after Ramazan.

Source: mayihavethatrecipe.com


13. Water should be a priority, in general

Heatwave + summertime + rozaspakka dehydration. Have a sufficient amount of water during Sehri. It’s the simplest and easiest thing to do.

Source: stock.adobe.com


Have you heard of any desi totkas that you think might help? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via @hiramaniofficial / Instagram

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