13 Types Of Messages All Desi Parents Share On Whatsapp

By Momina Mindeel | 16 Oct, 2016

Desi parents are an amalgamation of unconditional love, sometimes to the point of suffocation, a little bit of insecurity and immense adorableness. With technology rapidly replacing all the conventional modes of communications in our lives, the way they communicate their love and concerns to us have changed as well, with Whatsapp and Facebook overtaking everything else.

This is how desi parents have adapted to Whatsapp messaging:


1. The mandatory good morning messages enlisting the benefits of waking up early

Source: Zaid Ali T


2. The “wapis kab ana hai?/Driver k0 kab bhejun?” messages, as soon as you leave the house

Source: tumblr.com


3. The rishta picture messages, asking for your opinion about your potential brother-in-law

“Beta, tumhari behan kay liye kesa hai yeh?”

Source: deenga.com


4. The ones with random hearts and kiss emojis 

Source: deenga.com


5. The periodic Happy Blessed Friday/Jumma Mubarak messages



6. The quintessential obey-your-parents quotes, complete with the pictures of crying mothers for added effects

Blackmailing toh koi desi ami abu se seekhay.

Source: deenga.com


7. The daily “Aaj ki achi baat” quotes



8. The random-cute-little-American-baby-pictures to guilt you into giving them their babies to play with’

Even if you’re not married yet, they will fantasize about playing with your children.

Source: comedy.pk


9. The random-flower-bouquets pictures

Source: deenga.com
Source: deenga.com


10. The interminably long messages enlisting details about how a house actually should be run



11. The pictures of your old ugly childhood

They’ll also upload these on Facebook and tag you for added effect.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


12. The ones with 10 minutes long random videos of some random chipmunks dancing on Chittiyan Kalayyan ve, or some hardcore lesson on morality

Source: deenga.com


13. And the warning messages asking you not to download an app called “Talking Angela” if you do not want to get kidnapped



Despite everything, they are the most adorable.


Cover image: Nabeel Ishaq via Youtube.com

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