Our Desi Ghairat Brigade Is Now Targeting This Lady ASF Officer By Shaming Her

By Zoha | 4 Sep, 2018

The Airport Security Force (ASF) totally lost it earlier when a lady personnel’s video went viral on social media. In this video, we can see the lady singing along to a Guru Randhawa number. Being a victim of the social media’s dark side, this ASF lady has to pay the price of just uploading a video, with no intention of it going viral.


The ASF lady is wearing a camo tank-top and a hat and casually lipsynced to “haye ni haye nakhra tera ni“.

Source: Geo News


Here’s the video that – much to her misfortune – blew tf up. 


You can see her uniform hanging in the background, and the cap she’s wearing is official too. 

However, does this news deserve to be given the title of “breaking news”? People are condemning the inquiry launched on this lady for doing whatever she wants in her free time.

Some people defended her…

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

…which was pretty great.

Source: Facebook

However, others were vicious.

Source: Facebook

Uniform and Islamic State connected hain, apparently.

Source: Facebook

Others called it vulgar, too.

Source: Facebook

But the thing is, this ASF lady isn’t the only one who has posted a video online. Making a lipsync video is a trend now. Being a part of a trend, and having your video go viral and labeled as “misconduct”…come on, now.

Source: thriveglobal.com


Discipline is important in a security force, without a doubt but does a two year stoppage in allowance seem like an appropriate punishment for this lady for not even committing a crime?

Yes, the ASF is reported to have suspended this officer alongside putting a two year ban on her allowance. The video is reportedly three months old.


But should we rain down hard on people for living their lives in their downtime? Do you agree with putting an end to such bullying? Let us know in the comments section.


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